Guns, Gold and Glory: E3 Delivers Til the Bitter End


by: Bucky O’Neal

This year’s Convention has come to a close, but there’s still plenty of killer teasers, trailers and gameplay footage to sink your teeth into. Take a look at our final roundup of fresh new content from this year’s expo.

In addition to The Division (check out the trailer here), the Tom Clancy franchise is rolling out a new Rainbow Six title, and this one promises some of the most innovative, most focused, most heart-pounding strategic action to date.

And speaking of shooters, Nintendo has unveiled Wii U’s first FPS, and while bloodshed will probably be kept to a minimum, the game’s paint-splattering premise actually looks ridiculously fun. Will it find traction with the shotgun-toting, dome-popping shooter demographic? That remains to be seen.

The horror genre is getting some exciting additions, including the new Alien: Isolation, as well as the steampunk, lycan-populated, period shooter, The Order: 1886, and the extremely stylish, and pants-wettingly terrifying Bloodborne.

Lastly, putting all other shooter to shame (literally, the trailer makes a mockery of the entire genre) Sunset Overdrive is a raucous, colorful, energy drink-injected post-apocalyptic action game with a great sense of humor. Enjoy.

Be sure to stay up to date on the of all these games (and all the games we’ve mentioned previously [here and here]) and remember: it’s never too soon to start standing in line for 2015.


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