Guy Ritchie Has Been Handed The Reins To “300” Spinoff XERXES… But Does He Want Them?


Director has been offered the directing duties on the upcoming “300” spinoff for Warner Brothers. But, the question is, with his already busy schedule, does he actually want it? Ritchie is not exactly in jail any more, with his first Sherlock film doing big numbers, and the sequel expected to do even better. So, why the sudden stripping of helming duties from planned director Zack Snyder, and the offering to Ritchie instead? Well, Warners wants Snyder on his upcoming Superman project full time, and with studio notes coming in expressing concern over certain areas of the script, they felt it better if the project moved forward without Snyder involved as much as he was (he’s still a writer, and is expected to produce in some capacity). So, an offer was made… and now we wait to see if Ritchie accepts.

Ritchie is repped by and Anonymous Content.



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