Halle Berry Attached to “Jagged Edge” Remake Being Developed by Sony


Getty Images / Columbia Pictures

Sony Pictures is in the early stages of developing a remake of the 1985 thriller JAGGED EDGE as a vehicle for Oscar-winning actor .

This project is being organized by Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions head , who just took over , although the project could be handled through Sony proper, rather than through its genre imprint.

The studio is currently looking for a writer to adapt the thriller for Berry with  and  producing, and Scott Strauss overseeing for the studio. Leshem previously produced the shark thriller The Shallows for Sony, while Belgrad is involved with developing the next Charlie’s Angels movie for the studio.

The original 1985 thriller Jagged Edge starred Glenn Close and Jeff Bridges and was directed by Richard Marquand from a screenplay by ’80s thriller mainstay Joe Eszterhas script. That film involved a San Francisco heiress who is murdered in her remote beach house with her newspaper publisher husband Jack (Bridges) being accused of the crime. He ends up hiring Close’s lawyer Teddy Barnes to defend him, and then one thing leads to another and they sleep together. Robert Loggia was nominated for an Oscar for his role as a private detective named Sam Ransom, who is hired to help Barnes get Forrester off the hook.

It’s certainly not uncommon for old thriller ideas to be revisited, revised and remade as even some of the biggest thrillers from the ’80s and ’90s were derived from other sources — Martin Scorsese’s 1991 thriller Cape Fear, for instance.

Represented by and , Berry appeared in last year’s Kingsman: the Golden Circle and the thriller Kidnap, which was salvaged from the Relativity bankruptcy by newcomer Aviron Pictures. Berry can also be seen in the upcoming L.A. Riots drama Kings from Deniz Gamze Ergüven (Mustang), which will be released on April 27 after premiering at Toronto last September.

The news was initially reported by Deadline, but the studio wouldn’t comment on it.

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