“Happy Endings” Scribes Team With Lorne Michaels For Horror Comedy “Ghost Bros” (EXCLUSIVE)


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〉 The Saturday Night Live creator explores the supernatural.

Writing duo and Jonathan Fener have set up the horror comedy GHOST BROS at Paramount, where will produce under his banner. Sam Grey will serve as the executive producer for Broadway. Alana Mayo and Gabby Canton will oversee at Paramount.

Ghost Bros flows in the same beer bong as Neighbors, but with a supernatural twist. Set in the ’80s, the comedy centers on frat brothers that die in a fraternity house and end up staying around to haunt the house’s present-day residents.

Being the man who has kept SNL relevant for over 40 years, Michaels is no stranger when it comes to comedy. He has produced numerous amounts of projects in both television and film, with a large portion of them being vehicles for SNL alums such as Mean Girls with Tina Fey and Hot Rod with Andy Samberg. In the late ’90s and well into the ’00s, Michaels had a hey day of producing movies based on popular SNL sketches including Coneheads, Wayne’s World, Superstar and The Ladies Man.


Ghost Bros has Michaels collaborating with writing pair Bycel and Fener, who have either produced or written for an many TV shows that with a loyal cult following including Happy Endings, Psyche, American Dad!, and most recently, Telenovela. The pair also worked on the Michaels-produced NBC sitcom Mulaney

No casting announcements have been made at this point, but with Michaels at work behind the scenes, there’s reason to believe that he’ll be tapping into his stable of SNL cast members and alums.

Horror comedies have been a staple in the indie world with movies such as The Final Girls, Tucker & Dale vs. Evil, and Cheap Thrills targeting a specific genre-loving fanbase. While Cabin in the Woods and Zombieland have proven to be solid mainstream box office draws, those films leaned more on the horror genre and less on the broad comedy. With Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters reboot on the horizon, however, the genre may see a revival, which could be the perfect opportunity for Ghost Bros to scare up ticket sales.

Michaels recently produced Whiskey Tango Foxtrot starring Tina Fey and the action comedy Masterminds starring Kristen Wiig and Zach Galifianakis – a film that has struggled to land a release date in the wake of Relativity’s bankruptcy. Michaels is currently working on Brother in Laws starring Taran Killam.

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