“Hard Candy” & “30 Days of Night” Scribe tapped for “Taped”



Writer has been tapped to write Sony’s planned remake of the Dutch thriller .

The film was originally announced earlier this year in February, and while execs and producers had met with a good amount of writers out of the gates, the project seemed to slow to the point that some thought hell was the next step. However… enter Nelson 6 months later and here we are.

Nelson, who has previously written the taut indie thriller “Hard Candy” followed his director (David Slade) on to “30 Days of Night” and most recently the M. Night Shyamalan-produced “Devil”. By signing on to “Taped” the studio and producers Red Wagon Entertainment and NL & are looking for a helping hand in recreating the story of a young couple who accidentally record a murder on their vacation, and are forced to use any means necessary to survive. With the range of Nelson’s resume covering everything from smart indie thriller to big studio slasher, I think they just may have found their guy. Now if only they can get Slade to direct.

Nelson is repped by and .



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