HBO Gives “Game Of Thrones” Own Post-Episode Talk Show “After The Thrones”


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Game Of Thrones is the latest series to receive its own post-episode talk show, with ordering AFTER THE THRONES to be hosted by and . Former Grantland chief is producing the series making this the first television project through Simmons and ’s partnership. 

The series will premiere on April 24th and run the length of Game Of Thrones‘ season. It will recap the episode that just aired as it explains the who, what, when, and where; exploring the complicated politics and history of the series; and “offering absurd and not-so-absurd theories about future episodes.” 

Greenwald and Ryan hosted Grantland’s Watch The Thrones podcast. They currently host The Watch on Channel 33’s podcast feed for The Ringer. 

Just last week, BBC announced the post-show for their cult series Orphan Black, following a trend that began with AMC’s Talking Dead, a post-show commentary on Walking Dead. FX’s Sons Of Anarchy and Discovery’s Shark Week have had similar recap/review shows. 

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