HBO Sets Series Based On T.J. Miller’s Web Talk Show “The Gorburger Show”



HBO is developing a television series adaptation of comedian T.J. Miller‘s cult comedy web talk show THE GORBURGER SHOW. The web series is currently released on YouTube and features Miller voicing a giant space alien that crash lands to Earth and takes a Japanese talk show host hostage. To understand human culture, he proceeds to interview celebrities and cultural icons in place of the host. Miller has written the HBO pilot with Josh Martin and Ryan McNeely, who will also direct. Moby, Ed Helms and Johnny Knoxville are among the celebrities that will appear in the first episode. There are two seasons of the web series currently online.

Known for his role in Cloverfield, Miller currently stars on the HBO series Silicon Valley, which lead to the network deal for The Gorburger. He will be seen alongside of Ryan Reynolds in the upcoming superhero film Deadpool.

Miller is repped by and .

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