{HEAT METER} Hot Horror Package “Hate Night” Hits The Town, Into Major Territories



Hot new horror spec has hit the town with an enticing package. The horror/thriller is out from  and VJ Boyd (FX’s Justified.) Plot details are being kept tightly under lock and key, but the project has been pitched in the vein of The People Under The Stairs. Intrigue, Scott Milam, and are attached to produce.

I can now confirm that the hot project is out to Focus Features, Fox Searchlight, CBS Films, New Line Cinema, and Dimension Films, with more to come. Indie auteur Calvin Reeder is being packaged with the project, slated to direct. Reeder is known for his back-to-back Sundance features The Oregonian and The Rambler, the latter of which starred Dermot Mulroney, Natasha Lyonne, and Ali Larter. Reeder is repped by and at .

VJ Boyd is known for his work and producing FX’s hit series Justified, which stars Timothy Olyphant. The hot duo are repped by  at and  at PLATTFORM.

Spec is now into:
CBS Films
Dimension Films
Focus Features
Fox Searchlight
New Line Cinema


Stay tuned for more info on this project as it develops!


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