{HEAT METER} Paradigm/Madhouse Spec “Free Fall” Blazes Into New Territories!



FREE FALL, the hot new spec out from and , is igniting a frenzy. The script that was on everyone’s desk last night has lit up the town, with more territories assigned. Yesterday, we confirmed that Davis Entertainment had taken the spec in 20th Century Fox, brought the spec into Universal, and that  took the project into Sony.

Now, my sources confirm that it’s into Paramount by way of  , where the prolific producer has a first-look deal, and into Dreamworks via Red Wagon, the shingle behind the hit Divergent franchise. Sources caution that more territories will be assigned as the day wanes, but that the heavily requested spec is very likely to be snatched up soon, as an enticing project like this never has a long shelf life on the market

Madhouse is also producing the sought-after project, but looking to partner. Described as Gravity meets 127 Hours, the tense thriller follows a man who joins his estranged daughter on a mountain climb in an attempt to repair their relationship. But, when a tragic accident leaves them stranded hundreds of feet in the air and as a storm sets in, the two must fight against the elements and terrifying heights in order to survive.

The hot new spec was penned by emerging and , the pair behind the Ethan Hawke action/thriller Getaway, which also starred Selena Gomez and Jon Voight. at and and  at rep the duo.

Spec is now into:
Davis Entertainment into Fox
Jerry Bruckheimer into Paramount
Michael De Luca into Universal
Matt Tolmach into Sony
Red Wagon into Dreamworks


Stay tuned for more info on this project as it develops!


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