{HEAT METER} Red Hot Spec “Medusa And Athena” Tearing Up The Town!



Today, and Benderspink teamed to crush the market, dominating with their red hot spec . The YA fantasy spec is pitched as Maleficent meets Wicked with insane franchise potential, presenting a new twist on an iconic villain. Sources relate that the project is being viewed as a possible tentpole, with everyone in town aching to read.

Earlier today, we announced the first round of territories and the second round. Thus far, the sought-after script was already into Paramount via , DreamWorks via , Anonymous Content into Disney, ’s into Fox, Benderspink into New Line Cinema, ’s into Sony, into Warner Bros., brought into Lionsgate, and into Universal under his banner.

Now, I’m getting a confirmation that the heavily requested spec is into STX Entertainment via and into via ’s .

Medusa And Athena, which was penned by emerging writer , spins a new origin story for Medusa the gorgon, the iconic figure from Greek literature whose hair was made of deadly vipers and gaze turned men to stone. The titular Athena of course refers to the Greek deity of the same name, who was known as the goddess of wisdom, justice, and arts, with the Greek city of Athens deriving its name from the character.

Following the success of Maleficent, every under the sun has been in a rush to scoop up any and all new takes on classic villains. Several upcoming projects, one focusing on Alice in Wonderland’s Red Queen and another on Wizard of Oz‘s Wicked Witch, have Hollywood abuzz. Medusa And Athena presents a hot new twist on this trend, exploring a hardly tackled subject of Greek literature.

Paniry’s previously known for scripting and helming the sci-fi/drama Extracted, which gained steam when it was nominated for SXSW’s audience award. He’s repped by , , and Valarie Philips at and Benderspink‘s .

Spec is now into:
Anonymous Content into Disney
Benderspink into New Line
Bruckheimer into Paramount
Broken Road into Sony
Brownstone Prods into Lionsgate
De Line into DreamWorks
Josephson into
Stuber/Bluegrass into Universal
Vinson into Fox
Voltage into STX
Weed Road into Warner Bros.


Stay tuned for more info on this project as it develops!


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