{HEAT METER} Red Hot “Strangers” Spec Scorches Into Territories



Sources are telling us that Michaelbrent Collings’ brilliantly frightening spec STRANGERS is seriously heating up on the market. Based on the bestselling novel of the same title, also written by Collings, Strangers tells the story of a family who wakes up to discover they have been sealed inside their home. The man who did it is inside, too, and intent on teaching them a lesson… even if he has to kill them to do it.

The author/screenwriter Collings is an international bestselling novelist, and has been one of Amazon’s top selling horror writers for years. His first produced script, Barricade, was made into a film starring Eric McCormack. Collings also wrote the screenplay for 2013’s Darkroom. He is repped by of .

, the producer behind CBS’s Extant, and Arnold Kopelson are leading the charge on this one. Kopelson took the script into CBS Films and , while Rodin brought it into Films, , and , but we’re hearing that more territories are already being eyed for this unique take on the contained thriller genre.

We can confirm that the script is officially into multiple territories now, including:

Rodin into
Kopelson into CBS Films
Rodin into
Kopelson into New Line
Rodin into



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