by: Sammy Mink

We’re hearing that the hot new crime/thriller spec by and is now in everywhere! Tanne and Baker have worked together for a while now, starting with horror/comedy “2001 Maniacs” before going on to “Bombay Beach” and “Mischief Night,” which Baker wrote and directed. This project marks only the third time the duo have penned a together, though. They co-wrote thriller spec “Into the Dark” in 2011 and “The Roman,” a historical drama following the early life of Julius Caesar as he rose through the ranks of the Roman army, was imprisoned by Cilician pirates and eventually became ruler of Rome. That project is being produced by heavy hitters Stephen Levinson and Mark Wahlberg. And keep an eye out for their next project “Worst Friends,” which stars Tanne himself and is set to be released this fall.

Their latest spec, which is out from and Dobré Films, follows a robber, a vigilante, and a cop who go toe-to-toe over the course of a day-long manhunt through the streets of after a bank heist that goes disastrously wrong. Sounds like a typical day in the city, right? Well, expect to hear more about this project because it’s sure to be snapped up quick!

These territories are currently taken:

  • –Atlas into Warner Bros.
  • –Chapter One into Universal
  • –Mad Chance into Sony
  • –Dobré into Millennium
  • –Atlas into Lionsgate
  • –Hutch Parker into Fox
  • –Atlas into Paramount Insurge
  • –Rickard Pictures into New Line
  • –Rickard Pictures into Relativity
  • –Mad Chance into Screen Gems



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