Here’s How Superman Could Show Up on Syfy’s “Krypton”


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Syfy’s has a time element, which means that even though it’s set over two hundred years before Kal-El becomes Clark Kent, Superman could still show up, according to producers.

“The door is open for anything,” executive producr David S. Goyer said during the show’s panel Tuesday at the Television Critics’ Association’s winter press tour.

“The time element does give us some unpredictability and to do stories that you don’t know and stories that could play out differently than what people may assume.”

However, if Superman or any other familiar DC comic book character does show up, it won’t be any actor who has already played the role.

The show is not set in the same continuity of any existing DC comic book adaptations on , like The CW’s Arrowverse or Fox’s Gotham, so don’t expect Henry Cavill or Typer Hoechlin on the Syfy series.

“It’s almost entirely advantageous,” said Goyer. “It is its own thing, it is an untold story. And because there’s a time element, we have a tremendous amount of free reign. Not to mention, not that much is known about Kryptonians in the comic . It’s all advantageous.”

“There’s freedom there too,” said DC boss and executive Geoff Johns. “Like we get to do our own iteration of Doomsday, untethered to anything else, so we get to explore Doomsday in a way that hasn’t been done and is kinda more true to the comics.”

The DC comic book villain had previously appeared on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and The WB’s pre-Superman series Smallville.

Krypton premieres March 21, 2018 on Syfy.

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