Honest Trailer for the Oscars Recruits “Donald Trump” for “Starring” Voice Over (Video)


Leave it to the gang at to put a hilarious bow on a seemingly endless awards season with this for the 89th Academy Awards.

This year’s video refers to La La Land as “Hollywood Hand Job,” accuses Jeff Bridges of using the same accent over and over again, and says you must be lyin’ if you claim to have seen Lion.

The trailer also takes shots at Moonlight for checking off all the “awards bait” boxes, chastises Hacksaw Ridge for its over-the-top violence, and gets a lot of mileage out of the inherent sadness of Manchester by the Sea.

All in all, it’s a clever take on this year’s Best Picture nominees, which provide plenty of material for the ’ brand of humor. Watch the video above, and let us know if you can think of any better alternate titles for these films.

 Jeff Sneider | Editor in Chief

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