Horror Spec “Mary” From “The Shallows” Scribe Anthony Jaswinski Sets Market On Fire As It Heads Into Multiple Territories (EXCLUSIVE)



 is yet another red hot spec that hit the market this week from The Shallows screenwriter . Story details are being kept under wraps, but we’re hearing that it’s being pitched as The Shining meets The Conjuring on a boat. We’re also hearing that some seriously huge talent – both actors and directors – are already clamoring to get on board with the latest project from one of the industry’s most prolific scribes. ’s and and ’s are leading the charge.

As of Monday night, we can confirm that the spec is now into several territories with more still to come. Scott Stuber’s Bluegrass Films has teamed with Jason Blum’s Blumhouse to take this for Universal. Lorenzo Di Bonaventura is taking this into Paramount and Netflix, while John Davis and his Davis Entertainment is taking this for 20th Century Fox and Sony. Michael De Luca is in on this in a big way, taking both Studio 8 and Lionsgate, but also teaming with Brett Ratner’s RatPac for New Line. Matt Tolmach has TriStar squared away, while Neal Moritz and his Original Films have taken EuropaCorp and Studio Canal.

The Shallows, formerly known as In the Deep, landed on the 2014 Hit List and Black List and sparked a bidding war that was ultimately won by Sony. Jaswinski, whose buzzy Blake Lively-starring shark thriller hits theaters on June 29th, will also see the horror film he scripted, Satanic, hit theaters later that same week. Given the heat that’s already building around Mary, June could prove to be a banner month for the screenwriter who won the Nicholl Fellowship back in 1997.


Jaswinski has had a busy career in the years since, maintaining an impressive track record with his specs. His supernatural thriller The Visitation landed on the 2010 Hit ListMay You Live In Interesting Times – his second spec to land on the 2014 Hit List – is currently set up at Voltage, and his New Orleans-set vampire thriller Garden District is in the works at Dimension.

Jaswinski’s previously produced films include include Killing Time, Vanishing on 7th Street, and 2014’s Kristy, the latter from his 2009 Blood List script. Last year, Jaswinski’s pitch Variant, a female-driven sci-fi actioneer, sold to Warner Bros. for a low six-figures.


We can now confirm that the spec is into the following territories:

Michael De Luca Productions – into Lionsgate
Michael De Luca Productions – into Studio 8
Michael De Luca Productions, RatPac EntertainmentNew Line
Di Bonaventura Pictures – into Paramount
Di Bonaventura Pictures – into Netflix
Bluegrass Films, Blumhouse – into Universal
Davis Entertainment – into Sony
Davis Entertainment – into 20th Century Fox
Matt Tolmach Productions – into TriStar
Original Films – into EuropaCorp
Original Films – into StudioCanal