We are incredibly thrilled to crown and as the first TB RECOMMENDS of 2019 for their laugh-out-loud new comedy spec .

The script, which earned excellent marks in every category of our professional readers’ reports, follows Tim, a recent divorcé who learns that his ex-wife Ashley is dating a new man. Still madly in love, and deeply in denial, Tim tracks her new boyfriend, Andy, to a masculinity-themed sleepaway camp, only to discover that Andy is the camp’s five-time champion and current holder of the coveted Manly Cup (a trophy awarded to the camper who best demonstrates his modern manliness by competing in a series of “woke” athletic events such as Vulneraball and the Emotional Obstacle Course). Desperate to prove that Ashley’s new flame can’t hold a candle to her old, a woefully unenlightened Tim enters the competition and begins scheming to take Andy down.

Our readers highlighted the script not just for its laugh-out-loud humor, but for the exceptional character work and genuinely relatable love story interwoven within the comedy. And while on it’s surface it is a tale of one man trying to best another man, the ethos the story embodies is closer to that of ‘Blockers’, i.e. it has a feminist bent — like John Cena learning he has to allow his daughter to be her own woman and not try to police her sexuality. As a whole it’s a comedy about discovery, as our lead originally sets out to best the man he lost to, but along the way discovers the man he wants to be. Imagine ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ by way of ‘Neighbors’ with a little ‘Old School’ along the way.

So, who are the behind our first TB Recommendation of 2019?

Hollywood, meet & .

Born in Texas to an Argentine and a Californian and raised in Northern Virginia (by them; he wasn’t kidnapped), Blejer studied philosophy at Oberlin College before moving to New York and finally landing in L.A. He’s performed stand-up at festivals and clubs across the country, hosted the podcast Malignant Brain Humor–featuring comedians like Jim Gaffigan, Myq Kaplan, and Aparna Nancherla–played a lead in the award-winning film Haze (now streaming on Netflix), and is currently working with a team at Caltech to research computational humor.

Lockman left his heart in Philly but brought his brains and good hair to Los Angeles. He earned his Master’s in film and media from American University and currently works as a feature coordinator at 20th Century Fox. In his spare time Ben serves as a script consultant and relives his glory days by playing entirely too much softball.

For those unfamiliar, the Tracking Board’s program not only offers professional unbiased feedback, but we are also always on the lookout for exceptional voices and stories such as Blejer & Lockman. When a script receives a “Recommend” from our readers, we recognize the project through the Tracking Board Recommends program, and share it with the industry. All scripts that receive a “Recommend” through the service are announced on The Tracking Board website, forums, and feeds, and are shared with our industry partners directly, allowing their script to be seen as the next big thing to the thousands of industry professionals who follow The Tracking Board.

Since the launch of the TB Recommends programs, 23 of the 24 previously honored have gone on to gain representation via our referral, with agency and management companies such as UTA, WME, CAA, Paradigm, ESA, Lit Entertainment Group, Circle of Confusion, Energy Entertainment, , Good Fear + , Lee Stobby Entertainment and Fourth Wall amongst others. Ten of these have already even seen their TBR scripts set up at companies such as Warner Bros., Paramount, Scott Free, Vertigo Entertainment, Michael De Luca Productions, Sonar Entertainment, Platform One, and 20th Century Fox.

Blejer & Lockman will also be joining our exclusive TB Alumni family, home to some of the hottest young in Hollywood. This ever-expanding club is filled with TB Recommended as well as the finalists of our Launch Pad Feature and Pilot Competitions. With over 370 signed and more than 100 scripts set up with producers in under five years, these two will be in good company and fit right into the ranks.



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