Hot New Female-Driven Thriller Spec TEN YEARS GONE Races into Territories!


The temperature may be coming down as Fall rolls in, but that’s not stopping and from burning up the market with ’s latest spec TEN YEARS GONE, as it heads into multiple territories all over town.

While the story details are being kept under wraps, the project is described as a female-driven thriller that is similar to Prisoners in tone. This is far from the first time this dynamic team-up has made waves in the spec market. Dwyer’s previous , Happy Little Trees and 73 Seconds, had the town in a frenzy when they hit the market. The Bob Ross/Bill Alexander drama, Happy Little Trees, is currently set up with Unique Features with Producer Vincent Gatewood and Producer Robert Shaye. 73 Seconds, which focuses on Bob Ebeling and Roger Boisjoly and the discovery of the “o-ring anomaly,” landed Adam Goodman’s Dichotomy Group to produce with Keith Maitland attached to direct.

Behind this project are familiar faces to both the spec market and the Tracking Board in of along with and of . This collaboration unites top management and agents in what’s sure to be an electrifying sale. Each of them have led enormous deals, including Portnoy’s Cobweb to Lionsgate, Boxerbaum’s JUST. ONE. KISS. to , and Nestor’s Happy Anniversary to Paramount.

While we will be sure to continue to track details, we can confirm packages with such as Adam Goodman and Matt Skiena, Lawrence Grey, and Adam Kolbrenner. Territories already locked are said to include , Paramount, Lionsgate, eOne and Quibi.

Dwyer is represented by and of and of .

Keep it here as we continue to track this project throughout the week!

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If you’re interested in learning more in the process of selling spec scripts, be sure to check out Boxerbaum and Portnoy’s episodes of Anatomy of a Sale by clicking here!


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