Hot New Novel “Dead Souls” Being Shopped to Top Territories and Producers (EXCLUSIVE)


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An exhilarating and eerie new novel, DEAD SOULS, is making its way through the film and television markets, with John Beach and Kevin Cleary of Gravity Squared Entertainment leading the way. The book hails from notable horror author J. Lincoln Fenn who has been compared to the likes of Stephen King, Dean Koontz, and Neil Gaiman. It is quickly gathering interest from the top territories and producers in the industry.

The book follows Fiona Quinn, a young woman who’s approached by a man named Scratch in a bar one evening. The man claims he’s the devil, picks up her tab, then offers her a wish — in exchange for a favor and her immortal soul. Fiona agrees, thinking it’s absurd, but then suddenly she’s part of a support group of “dead souls” aka others who have exchanged their souls to the devil for a wish. Now they must live in anticipation and horror, never knowing when their favor will be called in.

Critics have heaped great praise upon the book since its publication in September.

In The New York Times book review, Fenn’s tale is described as “a wickedly entertaining take on the traditional selling-your-soul-to-the-Devil story.”

Publishers Weekly wrote the story “is one of the scariest and best to come down the pike in ages… The narrative twists and turns are reminiscent of Dean Koontz or Stephen King at their finest. This story is horribly, horrifyingly awesome.”

The critic of the website Bloody Disgusting praised Fenn’s “wickedly raw and proudly untamed talent” for turning the book into “a terrifying venture to the dark side that will haunt you long after you’ve turned the last page.”

Given the mass success horror can have, both on the big and small screens, it is clear to see how many names will want to become involved with the exciting and unique project.

Fenn is the author behind the highly acclaimed novel Poe, which won the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award for Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror in 2013 and became a #1 bestseller in fantasy and horror on Amazon.

She is repped by Beach and Cleary.