Hot New Romantic Comedy Spec JUST. ONE. KISS. Sets Sights on Weekend Auction as Producers & Directors Begin to Circle


Just in time for the weekend the spec market is heating up once again as and team up to take the new romantic comedy spec JUST. ONE. KISS to the market from writer . And as it just so happens, this is a project we know a whole lot about, as it is currently a finalist in the most recent Launch Pad Feature Competition.

The script, which is going into the weekend with multiple packages already coming together around it for individual territories is being pitched as a magical romantic comedy in the vein of 27 DRESSES and GROUNDHOG DAY. The story centers on a 30-something unlucky in love interior designer Casey, who after being caught lying to her mother about being engaged, wakes up the next day to discover she suddenly has the ability to to see the entire lifespan of any potential relationship with just one kiss. It’s a high concept, humor-filled and heartwarming story with a twist that delivers a contemporary spin on the rom-com genre, while also playing with the contemporary tropes of yesterday.

Behind the weekend auction are two familiar spec market heavyweights in of and , a team that collectively has set up dozens of spec scripts over the past two years, including previous Launch Pad projects MARIAN with Margot Robbie, Amy Pascal and Donald De Line, MATRIARCH with Douglas Wick at Paramount and most recently LP Alum John Wikstrom’s AMA (ASK ME ANYTHING) with Assemble Media and director Zelda Williams.

While we’re continuing to track details, those we’ve already confirmed include packages with such as Dylan Clark, Lynn Harris, Shawn Levy and Margot Robbie, and territories already being locked are said to include Paramount, Netflix and Universal, with more to come.

Curlett is represented by of , Dash Aiken and Rock Shaink of , and attorney of .

Keep it here as we continue to track this auction into the weekend!

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