“House of Cards”: Robin Wright Takes the White House in Teaser for Show’s Final Season (Video)



What better way to follow movies’ biggest night then with a couple trailers for returning shows that I never got around to watching?

I’ve been hearing great things about Netflix’s House of Cards for years, but never got around to watching it, and now I’m not sure I should, because there’s a hard-to-ignore blemish with Kevin Spacey being fired due to multiple allegations of sexual impropriety.

Undaunted, Netflix is continuing with the sixth and final season of the show, moving Robin Wright into the Oval Office and letting fans of the show know that they’re “just getting started.” And really, what could be better for the current wave of female empowerment than to have Wright take over as the show’s lead?

Since I haven’t seen the show, I’m not sure what happens that puts Wright’s Claire Underwood in the powerful role as leader of the free world, but Wright will be joined in the show’s final season by talented actors Greg Kinnear and Diane Lane.

Since I already feel weird watching the first five seasons of the show, I’m not sure I’ll be watching the sixth and final season, but it will air “this fall” with no date set yet.

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