House Of Mouse Plunders The World For A “Pirate” Director



Disney is closing in a on a director for aka PIRATES 5 aka the reason we have a bunch of projects based on theme park rides. I think Notorious BIG was on to something we he said “the more money we come across, the more sequels we make”.

First at bat (or is ‘walk the plank’ more apt) is . He directed “The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman”, which recently made a festival run but that was an indie. Then again Colin Trevorrow is directing Jurassic Park IV, so clearly anything can happen if you make people trust in you. Personally I hope it’s not Bond because he’s apparently attached to a movie called “Hover Car” that is vaguely described as “A hovercar racer is hired to escort a government informant to safety”. SOLD. Unless it’s the real life ‘water’ hovercar and not the “Back to the Future 2” kind.

Second contender is . He’s better known, but still hasn’t made a lot of (studio) films yet. And with the tabloid stigma attached to him while directing “Snow White and the Huntsman”, it’s unclear if that would be a good or bad thing for him or Disney.

Third possibility is the duo responsible for “Kon-Tiki, Joachim Rønning and . Their movie is yet to reach a real audience other than festivals as well, but unlike Bond their movie is very much an adventure. And what that takes place largely on water. If a three year old was an executive this would be a done deal, but past the surface details they too haven’t done that much. They’ve done more the previous choices though. They directed “Max Manus: Man of War” in 2008 and “Bandidas” in 2006, which is the only movie mentioned I’ve seen thus far. And that was… well it had Salma Hayek and I’m always happy about that. I don’t remember the movie past that. Of course I’m easily distracted. Squirrel! How can the universe expand if it’s all there is? Another squirrel!

Where was I? Oh yea if I was a betting man (and I’m not) I’d say the Kon-Tiki guys have the best shot.

Bond and Sanders are repped by , while Rønning and Sandberg are repped by .



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