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In , Hester, a synthetic, is initially scary.  With new consciousness, she has no problem killing a human who has threatened her life and the life of her friends before.  She proceeds to suffocate a man to get information out of him.  Max, a fellow synthetic, doesn’t like her tactics, but she is successful. She finds out that conscious synthetics are being transported to a placed called Silo.  After obtaining that information through torture, she sees no problem with what she’s done.  And I don’t either.

If someone has tried to kill me, I will do everything in my power to find out why.  That person clearly wants me eradicated from this world, and there will be no convincing that person otherwise.  So, I become the priority in that situation.  Hester did the correct thing.  She not only tortured that man for her benefit but also for the benefit of her friends.  Does this make her and me monsters?


That would seem to be the case when compared to Max.  He not only doesn’t like Hester’s tactics, but this crazy man frees him.  Hester is all over it.  She follows him and kills him.  Why would Max allow a man to just go free after that?  Although he and Hester are new to consciousness, we can see that their ways of thinking are completely different.  I believe that Hester’s reason for killing that man is logical.  If he were to meet up with his people, then there’s no doubt he would return to kill them again.

And Max?  What could his logic have been?  If he frees the man, then maybe he will feel gratitude and not return to kill them?  This reasoning is full of hope.  And riskier.  Max has no idea what’s going on.  He needs to protect himself first and freeing that man could have threatened his life in the future.  I hope Hester admits to killing that man and explains why she had to do so.  If Max and the others are not on board, then she may have to go rogue. Having people who think like Max is dangerous to survival.

Let’s switch gears to talk about the striking Anita (Gemma Chan).  She, too, is understanding her own path of consciousness.  Her master (for lack of a better word) discovers that she has malfunctioned.  She lied, something a functioning android cannot do.  She also slips up by feeling pain when her hand hits a hot stove.  In robotic character, she says that she must return to her owner.

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Before this incident, she visits her master’s mother.  She seems to have Alzheimer’s as she can’t remember things clearly.  Anita places her hand on her lap and comforts her.  She is very careful while doing this.  If anyone were to witness it, they would have her returned.  It is amazing that Anita chooses to comfort this woman despite the risk of someone seeing her.  She is growing into someone that I am proud of.

Max, Anita, and Hester.  Aren’t they all different paths that every human takes as they grow up?  Anita correctly says that they are all just children – trying to figure out how this new consciousness works.  And as children, they need someone to guide them.  At this moment, it has to be Leo.  I’m not sure of his motivations, but it seems like he’s sincere in helping them.  It is a shame that they don’t have “one of their own kind” to help.  It could dispel any doubt as to whose side he’s on in the future.

Guess who also stars in this show?  Trinity from The Matrix! As Dr. Athena Marrow, she’s partnered up with the brainchild of synthetics to figure out how one bot has gained consciousness.  On the flip side, she is building her own conscious bot – V, and nobody knows about it.  Hmm….what are her intentions?  It seems that if she can understand how consciousness enters these bots, then she can marry V’s brain with a body.  At the moment, she’s been unsuccessful.


The one with the answer to consciousness is Niska.  She downloaded a program that allows synthetics to gain consciousness sporadically.  This opens up an uncertainty that will scare the crap out of the humans. How can these things that humans have had control over now control themselves?  Ruminate on that for a bit to see whether there are any real-life parallels.

In conclusion, “Humans” is brilliant.

Season 2, Episode 2 (S02E02)
Humans airs Monday at 10PM on AMC

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