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First thing’s first – I made a huge mistake.  In these past episodes of (because I never started watching this show since 1st season), I thought that Dr. Athena was trying to bring her “lover” back to life.  Well, it’s not her lover.  It’s her daughter .  Now, how could I have mistaken a daughter for a lover?  I have no idea.  Chalk it up to me not knowing any background whatsoever.

In conclusion, Dr. Athena lost her daughter, and when he left her, she was flirting with the idea of resurrecting her essence into a synth.

When we see her in this episode, she is standing in a room full of child synths.  Her boss is in there with her mysteriously.  She tells him that child synths shouldn’t be made.  He doesn’t care.  I assumed that Dr. Athena would be ecstatic about this .  I mean, isn’t this why she created “V”?  Turns out she has a change of heart.  She wants to free “V”.  This, in turn, will help her heal from her daughter’s passing.  To try to recreate her daughter in a synth was tempting, but she’s returned to reality, knowing that no thing can replace her.


In another household, Pete brings home a child synth.  It’s something that Karen never thought was possible.  As an android, she cannot produce children.  It’s unfortunate though that when the child, now called Sam, enters their lives, she seems to bond more with him than with her husband.  There is an obvious disconnect.  They way they both play video games is completely different from a human.  It is in these ways that Pete sees how different they really are.  I wonder if he’s wondering whether bringing the child home was a mistake.  Or whether marrying a syth was an even bigger mistake.

Love between a synth and human is complicated, apparently. (Love between humans is, too, so go figure).  Mia reprogrammed herself into Anita to avoid being sold by her bae.  Yea.  What a jerk.  As Anita, she returns to Laura’s home.  Laura thinks that she’s talking to Mia but soon realizes that she’s slipped back into unconsciousness.  With the help of Mattie, they awaken her, and she decides to leave stating, “I need to be with my own kind”.  Oh, how right she is.

As a conscious synth, they’re all babies.  They all need to be surrounded by each other.  Can you imagine “waking up” to realize that all the time you’ve spent on earth has been in a comatose state?  It’s not only jarring, it’s devastatingly sad.  What shall these synths do now that no one is “primarily using” them?  What is their purpose?

Odi, ol’ dude with the crooked arm (why won’t they fix this???), is struggling with finding his purpose.  He confides in a priest and says that all of his friends are gone.  The priest says that they are all in a “better place”.  Odi matter-of-factly says that he must join them. LOL.  I’m sure he doesn’t know that means they’re in Heaven.  He just needs to know what to do.  How to survive.  What comes next?

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I mean, none of them grow old.  They’re destined to live forever, so what is their forever purpose?  Mia leaves Odi behind, which is completely confusing to me.  Why didn’t she take him under her wing to go fight those who are trying to destroy their consciousness?  He’s just holed up in Laura’s house doing chores out of habit.  How sad.

Hester is an interesting one.  She is a  bonafide serial killer.  We can’t assume that all synths will awaken to normalcy.  I appreciate her character because several humans are genuine pyscho-paths.  Why can’t this be the case for Hester?  She thinks that her reasons for killing people are logical, but they’re not.  They’re purely emotional.  And she doesn’t know the difference.  Now, she is out to get Mattie.  Mattie has the hots for Leo, and when Hester told her that she and him got it on, Mattie wasn’t happy.  Not only that, she revealed that she thinks Leo’s plan to overthrow Qualia will fail.  Hester doesn’t like that.

At this moment, that woman sees nothing but red when it comes to Mattie.  I hope she watches her back.  Until next week!
TB-TV-Grade-ASeason 2, Episode 6 (S02E06)
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