“I Love Dick” Trailer Finds Kathryn Hahn Obsessing Over Kevin Bacon (VIDEO)



The title of Transparent creator Jill Soloway upcoming Amazon series I LOVE DICK may have you thinking dirty things, but the show is based on a cult novel by Chris Kraus about a woman who becomes obsessed with a guy named Dick. The new trailer shows that this is not your typical comedy, making it an ambitious project for Soloway to tackle.

The story follows Chris (Kathryn Hahn) and her husband Sylvere (Griffin Dunne) as they move to the remote anti-hipster artsy fartsy haven known as Marfa, Texas. Sylvere is there for a fellowship with legendary artist Dick Jarrett (Kevin Bacon), while Hahn is working on her own artistic endeavors. As they work out their and marital issues in this new environment, Chris becomes seduced by the mysterious Dick and eventually becomes wildly obsessed with him — which turns her and her husband’s world upside down.

It’s good to finally see Hahn get her due as a comedic lead. As fun as it would be to see Hahn would take on a role similar to that of the Parks and Recreation‘s condescending political advisor Jennifer Barkley, it seems like I Love Dick stretches her comedy and dramatic chops. It’s definitely something new, unexpected, and a kind of show that’s an acquired taste. In other words, people might think it’s either brilliant or one of those arrogant cerebral projects that’s really into themselves. Either way, Hahn will carry this show phenomenally.

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