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The penultimate episode of starts to bring the schemes to a close, though not without a few last-minute twists and turns to keep us on our seats. Maddie (Inbar Lavi) and Patrick (Stephen Bishop) flesh out the terms of their deal, while both of them possibly face mutiny within their ranks. But really, how many times can they pull the “Ezra was in on it the whole time” scheme?

Maddie is packing her things at Patrick’s place when she receives a frustrated call from Max (Brian Benben), who rails against “the amateurs’” absence. Sighing, Maddie says she’ll take care of it.

Maddie interrupts Richard (Parker Young) post-coital with a girl at the inn, angrily berating Richard for missing his meeting with Max. He jabs back that he likes to have sex for fun instead of a , to which Maddie responds “you were in love with who you were when you were with me” causing Richard to pause and say he’ll have to unpack that. The moment is interrupted by Jules (Marianne Rendon) taking a polaroid of the moment and teasing Richard; Maddie kicks Richard out and asks Jules to see the art piece.

Jules hesitantly shows Maddie her art piece, to which Maddie says she loves it, asking how it works. Hurt, Jules bitterly remembers that it’s a prop for her scheme.

Ezra’s long interrogation continues, as Patrick trying to ingratiate himself to Ezra, telling him he’s the victim and brushing off Maddie’s charms, but Ezra continues the cat-and-mouse, telling Patrick that Maddie actually cared for him and accusing Patrick of falling for her. Before an uncomfortable Patrick can answer, he’s called out of the room into a meeting with Gina (Chastity Dotson) and his boss Agent Coop (Denise Dowse), who is reluctant to approve the deal he made with Maddie. He successfully makes his case, assuring that he’ll turn Ezra to keep tabs on Maddie.

Impatient, Ezra hollers to be let out, but Patrick returns and shows him a folder of murder victims courtesy of The Doctor, using the scare tactic of Maddie’s life being in danger and coercing Ezra to work alongside him. Finally, Ezra asks, “what would I need to do?” and Patrick instructs him to find her burner phone and turn it into a microphone.

Maddie meets with Patrick at the coffee shop where they first met, where he hands over a witness protection document for her, which she curtly signs before leaving immediately.

Meanwhile, Ezra breaks into Maddie’s apartment, ruffling through her things and pausing when he finds the anklet he gave her. As Maddie returns and makes her way up to her apartment, large heavy bag in hand, Ezra starts to tap the phone. Upon hearing her enter quickly he cooly lounges on her couch, surprising her with the declaration, “we need to talk.”

Guarded, Maddie demands to know how he got in, but sits down for a talk with him. He confesses his feelings as the camera zooms in on the vase, which is where the mic has activated. The FBI is alerted and starts listening in as Ezra tries to dig into Maddie’s past. She about living with her grandma and her abusive boyfriend and growing up in foster care, but Ezra calls bullshit, to which she spins more stories about growing up a CIA-run boarding school, and being an alien. She chuckles “don’t try to know me Ezra, I’m not worth it” but he demands why she kept the anklet, and she confesses that every relationship means something to her. Ezra storms out while Patrick is thrown by Maddie’s comments.

Maddie digs her burner phone out of the vase and calls Max, telling him they can’t trust Ezra and the two of them agree to ditch Ezra for the FBI while Patrick and Ezra listen in.

Meanwhile, a reconnaissance mission that Gina is pulling on Jules turns into a date and a steamy tryst, as the two of them spark a heated connection and eventually fall into bed together.

At the rehearsal dinner for the wedding, the agents arrive, Agent Coop scoffing at having a dinner for a fake wedding. While Jules and Diana chat it up awkwardly, the minister holds a tense meeting between Maddie and Patrick as they make underhanded jabs at each other while recounting their first meeting. “Weddings can be very stressful,” the minister sympathetically tells Patrick.

Richard is practicing his skills at breaking into a car with Max, before he takes a call with Maddie (she answering his six calls), and he tells her she was right, unloading his personal journey and how he bonded with Max over his “love that he gave up.” Shocked, Maddie realizes that Max sold out Sally to the Doctor and hangs up.

The whole party is distracted and tense. Ezra notices that Jules is particularly antsy and fixated on Gina, and Jules confesses that she slept with Gina. After the initial shock, they giggle together and he congratulates her for bedding an undercover agent. Despite my qualms with some of this show’s superficial twists and relationships, Ezra and Jules still feel the most genuine and sweet.

The party ended, Patrick and Maddie sit out on the terrace looking out to the ocean, he confessing that he’ll miss the view, she confessing that she could never sleep before her weddings. They have a cynical discussion about fantasies, and Maddie is about to leave when he asks her to stay the night “for old time’s sake.” Smirking she says it’s bad luck and leaves.

In a cab, Maddie pensively stares out the window before seeing something and asking it to stop in the middle of nowhere. She walks off in an alleyway and gets in a car, speaking cryptically to the driver before it’s revealed that it’s “FBI informant” Ezra. She compliments his performance, but complains about his dramatics with the anklet, to which he banters back and they drive off.

The day of the wedding and we get another brief heist montage: Richard packs a case full of bricks, Patrick his case full of money, Jules her art piece, while Max shaves and talks on the phone with the Doctor, who sits in front of several CCTV screens. Max promises he would never let him down before he’s revealed to have shaven his head and put on glasses to appear as the Doctor, joining Maddie and co., as they run down their plan one last time.

The episode is fine, though it readily (and rightly) assumes that the audience is losing interest, and attempts to throw a couple more betrayals and twists in last minute. The Ezra reveal would be fun if they hadn’t done it a couple episodes ago, and it’s clear that Ezra is the Good Guy in all of this. All in all, the episode felt like it was spinning its wheels until the season finale, in which everything comes to a head, and Uma Thurman hopefully comes back.


Season 1, Episode 9 (S01E09)
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