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Well that was a twist.

had kept me pleasantly amused until now, with its balance of soapy froth with genuine vulnerability. But they just couldn’t fix Patrick (Stephen Bishop). Well I was wrong, and I take it back. Although, I should have expected the reveal about Patrick, because I always have the same gut reaction against any bland male character who turns out to be a secret/double agent — I hated on principle Riley from BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER and Ward from AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. before they made their turns. So it should be no shocked that I hated Patrick straight from the moment he inexplicably charmed Maddie (Inbar Lavi) in that coffee shop, before he turned out to be an FBI agent presumably on a mission to entrap Maddie.

The trio confronts a shocked Maddie, who briefly escapes to the bathroom to puke before composing herself again. Emboldened, Ezra (Rob Heaps), Richard (Parker Young) and Jules (Marianne Rendon) demand their money and dignity back, but Maddie smoothly declares that she only stole those because they were so willingly given. Thrown by her composure and at seeing their ex in the flesh again, the three of them let Maddie slip away after she confesses that her life is in danger if they interfere.

Nerves fraying, Maddie goes to Max, pleading to let her quit, but he refuses. Later she meets with Patrick in their coffeeshop, brushing aside his concerns that she’s absent-minded. Parked across the street, the trio are spying on Patrick and Maddie with binoculars, gossiping and bickering. When Patrick’s sister Gina (Chastity Dotson) arrives to discuss Maddie’s birthday party with Patrick, the three of them soon split up — the trio deciding to each tail one of them.

This is an intervention. (Photo by Bravo)

This is an intervention. (Photo by Bravo)

With Jules is on sister detail, Richard on Maddie and Ezra on Patrick, the three of them are able to ascertain that Patrick is throwing Maddie a birthday party, and Ezra introduces himself to Patrick, getting getting the three of them invited to the shindig. Before the party, Patrick springs the surprise guests on her: Ezra and Jules, masquerading as Saffron’s brother and his girlfriend. Maddie is shellshocked at their appearance, even more so when Richard shows as the bartender. Panicked, she calls Max from the party but gets no response.

Perceptive Aunt from earlier asks Maddie about her mystery brother, but Maddie quickly leaves the conversation when she sees Ezra chatting up her childhood to Patrick. She’s surprised again when he namedrops her real hometown, Pottsville, and is hurt over the reminder of her parents that she left behind.

The trio are huddling, and Maddie walks in, berating them over their reckless actions and putting them off for a bit longer when they ask for their money.

Max finally answers Maddie and she demands that he get to the party as soon as he can, informing him that they’ve been made by Ezra, Patrick and Jules.

Richard and Patrick hit it off, Richard warming to him over their shared athletic pasts. Jules mocks him for his softheartedness, but Richard ignores her. The two of them stew by the bar as Patrick gives an extravagant toast to Saffron, capping it off with a fireworks display that enchants Maddie and frustrates the trio.

Brooding in the corner, Ezra reluctantly accepts Maddie’s offer to dance despite Jules and Richard panicking in the background. She asks him about how he knew about Pottsville and they banter, she sweet-talking him, he nearly falling for it. But the illusion breaks when she throws a warm glance toward Patrick, and Ezra leaves wounded again. Jules berates Ezra for so quickly breaking their “Maddie Code,” while Richard pulls Maddie aside, asking for her to don a blonde wig and her Alice persona for closure.

A goofy, cringe-worthy scene ensues, with Richard fixing Maddie’s bad wig before launching into a prepared break-up speech. After Maddie gives an initial lackluster response, she dives fully into the performance, giving him a kiss on the cheek as a tear rolls down her own. Seeing her tears, Richard backtracks, asking if they should get back together, but she shuts him down, saying she’s just doing her .

A drunk Jules seethes as Maddie dances with Patrick, commandeering the microphone from the DJ to give a tirade about Saffron’s birthday. Just as she’s about to blow Maddie’s cover, Ezra intervenes, and the three of them huddle in the basement, bickering. They’re quickly interrupted by a whistle from Max, who suavely emerges from the darkness. Confused, the three of them call him by his separate identities and he responds, “My name is Max.”

He scolds them, and temporarily subdued, they sit. “You came here to chase a phantom,” he claims, but Ezra objects, saying they could easily derail his and Maddie’s plans. In response, Max threatens to expose the dirty secrets that they had to blackmail the three of them. After Richard tries to reason with him, Max fractures his hand and orders them to leave town.

As Maddie recovers after the close call of a party, Patrick comforts her and surprises her with another gift. Flushed she opens it and finds a new bag, which he tells her to pack for their weekend getaway. Grateful she immediately kisses him and urges that they leave right away.

Defeated, the three of them leave the party when Ezra receives a call from his brother, informing him that his dad had a heart attack and that he needs to come home. As a hungover Jules snoozes, Ezra packs and Richard affectionately bids him goodbye. But Richard’s demure attitude was a farce — he plans to warn Patrick about Maddie’s con. Jules objects, nervous of Max and Maddie’s constant warnings that Maddie’s life was in danger, but Richard stubbornly ignores her. He follows Patrick through the city, happening upon him entering an official-looking building. He follows him in, and spots Patrick’s sister and aunt both wearing FBI badges and suits, and Patrick wearing the same. And thus the big reveal that Patrick is an FBI agent on a mission to entrap Maddie is revealed.

So yes, , you got me. I am thoroughly surprised, more so than when you dropped Uma Thurman’s haircut on me. And despite Thurman being a no-show in this episode, it’s apparent that can hold its own.


Season 1, Episode 6 (S01E06)
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