In Partnership with Vertigo, Twin Padres, ESA and Bellevue, the Launch Pad Is Thrilled to Announce the Top 25 Features of 2016


TOP 25 ANNOUNCED - Post and Social Media (1)

The Launch Pad Feature Competition, alongside our exclusive competition partners Vertigo Entertainment, Twin Padres Productions, ESA, and Bellevue, are incredibly thrilled to announce the 2016 Launch Pad Feature Competition’s Top 25.

This year’s Top 25 features a wide array of genres including everything from high-stakes action, near future sci-fi, and war epics, to romantic dramedies and even period piece adventure biopics. These stories take us from 1950s Mississippi during the dawn of the Civil Rights Movement, to an isolated colony on Mars, to the Manzanar internment camp during World War II, to the football fields of the NFL, to the middle ages of England, to the timeless halls of high school. This year’s third round of finalists represents a vast range of storytelling and a group of talented writers who bring these stories and characters to life while inviting us along for the ride.

Without further ado, we are incredibly excited to announce our Top 25 scripts for our 2016 Feature Competition.


(As a reminder: If you selected the ESA/Bellevue Signing Prize, Vertigo/Twin Padres Option Prize, or Mentor add-ons at time of entry, but did not advance to the Top 50, you are still in contention to win those prizes. In fact, every competition since we began featuring add-on partner packages has featured winners who did not make the initial finalist round.)


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