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And it all comes crashing down. The last two episodes of covered much ground as Ben Larson/Aaron Sloane’s (Sean Teale) plan finally comes to fruition. Everyone moves closer and closer to what they want, but the price is high. Who would have thought that Everclear was the key to everything? Not me. SyFy’s show goes all out as souls get lost and found.
INCORPORATED -- "Golden Parachute" Episode 110 -- Pictured: (l-r) Sean Teale as Ben Larson, Denyse Tontz as Elena -- (Photo by: Ben Mark Holzberg/Syfy)
Well, seeing himself at the scene of Roger’s (Douglas Nyback) death leads Ben/Aaron to start investigating himself and Theo (Eddie Ramos). Tracking down Theo helps Ben get to Hendrick (Damon Herriman). Hendrick uses Ben to delete the blackmail program he left running before the memory delete and with that Hendrick gives Ben back the drive in which Aaron and his memories are stored with a warning that Aaron was a garbage fire of a person (which is true). Naturally, Ben’s curiosity gets the better of him and Aaron Sloane is back. Aaron manages to spoof the crime scene to make facial recognition come up as Chad Peterson (David Hewlett), his old boss. And with that Elizabeth Kruass (Julia Ormond) promotes Ben to the fortieth floor to the senior position. He wastes no time in heading to Arcadia and meeting with Elena (Denyse Tontz) to get her out. She, however, rebuffs him after seeing his wedding ring and admitting how impossible it would be for them to escape. With Hendrick in trouble, Aaron finally does the right thing by using the escape plan he had for Elena and himself for Hendrick and his daughter as Hendrick got burned. Hendrick’s daughter found the water key Aaron made for him back when the two were still in the Red Zone. His daughter took it to school which unfortunately a teacher found. Aaron/Ben proved he still has a piece of his humanity left by doing this, and was obviously touched that Hendrick kept it after all these years.
It’s crazy how Aaron/Ben found a part of his humanity as everyone else loses theirs. Theo is a royal screw up. Thinking that Ben has turned his back on him forever, he sells him out to Hendrick (Ian Tracey). I’m glad he found himself after killing his opponent in the ring, but man that is not gonna make the situation better for him. What makes him think that even the slightest slip up, won’t set Terrence off and kill his boyfriend? Theo dealing with his grief and spending time with the widow was well written, but he made a mistake that usually falls in line with Aaron/Ben and not himself.
INCORPORATED -- "Golden Parachute" Episode 110 -- Pictured: Eddie Ramos as Theo -- (Photo by: Ben Mark Holzberg/Syfy)
Laura (Allison Miller) finds that things are not so black and white at her Red Zone clinic. I had the same gut wrenching reaction to the child who is really a prostitute. Just as she sees it, we are also seeing, as an audience, that not every choice in this world is easy. It’s literally get screwed over, or watch your loved ones starve. As she’s trying to run this clinic she runs into some moral choices as she figures out who’s been stealing and selling medicine they desperately need to save the lives of patients. Goran (Tahmoh Penikett) tells her that she must make some choices herself on how to handle things as she can’t rely on him all the time, which he’s right about. Laura is a good-hearted person, but here when she punishes the perpetrator it’s a bit much and shocks everyone. What’s more is when she visits her mother and tells her she UNDERSTANDS why she killed her dad was insane. And to say she’ll kill anyone Elizabeth sends to try to shut down the clinic is even more insane. At what cost does she wanna keep this clinic open and how far she’s will to go is something that I’m sure will be explored in the second season (God willing).
The extraction of the Inazagi gene splicer was pretty much a total disaster. Elizabeth was however able to save face as she ordered a drone strike to kill everyone including her own people in order to save Spiga. That’s the final straw for Julian (Dennis Haysbert) who had to execute the command. Even though the Spiga shareholders acknowledge her recklessness, they know she kept the company’s interest first and commend her anyway. However, a shareholder representative isn’t so sure Elizabeth is capable of running the company, and is gonna make sure to sway the board in his favor. And who does he go to but none other than Julian who agrees with him. Julian doesn’t want the offered promotions or better potions, he wants to go to Sioux Falls. He tells the rep he put in for transfer eight years ago and got denied to which the rep counters he never received the request. Elizabeth, I’m sorry but it seems like you’ve dug your own grave.

INCORPORATED -- "Burning Platform" Episode 109 -- Pictured: (l-r) Eddie Ramos as Theo, Sean Teale as Ben Larson -- (Photo by: Ken Woroner/Syfy)

Even Elena has her own agenda. A maid she’s in cahoots with tells her that Aaron/Ben can be used to take down the whole company and ride off in to the sunset in the process. It’s crazy how after all this time she was slowly concocting a plan of her own and even though we can tell she still loves Aaron, she loves her freedom even more. With all that in retrospect it makes Aaron/Ben a tragic character as we watched him destroy everything he touched in order to save only for her to now become one of the many mounting threats against him.

Watching Aaron/Ben take that ride to the fortieth floor was satisfying. Even now that the threats are much greater as anyone close to him can take him down whenever they can, he’ll have to move quick on finding another golden parachute to use to escape Spiga.  And with Laura now pregnant, he’ll need to figure out how to truly make sure that her and their child are okay before he exits or the dominoes will come crashing down. This sets up for what could be one hell of a second season. Incorporated leaves a much stronger and assured show than it did when it arrived. Let’s hope that Aaron/Ben figures out a way to crush both Spiga and Inazagi before it’s too late.


Season 1, Episode 9-10 (S01E09-10)
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