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We return to this week’s episode of INSECURE, “Hella Blows,” with Issa somehow still driving her busted up car. What kind of magical glue/tape is keeping that bumper from sliding down the road? Does anybody know??

Post hook-up, Molly and Dro are still on speaking terms, Molly agreeing to meet up with Dro like they’re legit boyfriend and girlfriend. When does his wife Candice come back into town? If this is a legitimate open marriage, how is it going to work once she comes back into the picture? Do we have any reason to trust Dro claiming he’s in an open marriage without hearing consent from Candice? Ain’t that how it works?

Speaking of struggles, Issa struggles to keep her own ho-tation on lock. Daniel avoids responding to her booty calls, and even neighbor bae is busy canoodling with another woman. While I don’t expect much from neighbor bae, it’s clear that Daniel’s feeling a little salty from Issa’s “we’re just friends right?” from last week. Daniel hits Issa with a “busy tonight” text after just last week he couldn’t stop making time for her. Such is the struggle of a weak ho-tation.

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At work, Lawrence his app idea to his company. I’m not sure what it does, but it’s something about “aggregating” the data of what you eat, where you shop, and other useless information to give you something right at your fingertips. A cocky Lawrence approaches his work wife, Aparna, about his app (which I later learn is called Woot Woot – ew), and learns that his expectations are too high and that it’s unlikely that the app he’s spent his life waiting to pitch will go anywhere.

At the auto mechanic shop, Molly tells Issa that she’s thinking about calling things off with Dro to protect their friendship. Meanwhile, a devastated Issa learns that the cost for her car repairs will be $5,500. I’m going to pause right here and ask what kind of terrible insurance does she have?? Where is her deductible and why is it so high?

Molly meets Dro out at a bar for a Lakers game and tries to express her feelings. He shuts her up, distracting her with cold fries and later good sex.

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Wearing her best white mini skirt and hook up bra, Issa invites over Nico (dating app bae from last episode) to release some of her sexual tension. Nico can barely make small talk before Issa makes her move. Issa ambushes him into a kiss, and Nico stops her, telling her that he doesn’t want to rush and wants to get to know her. He invites her to a restaurant instead, but Issa bluntly declines – their ain’t no room for love in a ho-tation.

We meet back up with Molly and Dro at his hotel room, where Molly asks the question I’ve been dying to know — how would their open relationship work? Would Dro would see other people? Dro explains that he doesn’t want to see other people, which strikes me as weird considering he does have a whole wife but… okay. Molly asks about Candice, and Dro tells her that having an open-relationship was her idea. Before Molly can get too far in the weeds, Dro stops her, telling her they can keep talking about it, or they can choose to be “in it.” Hmm, I smell the lies and deceit through my computer screen.

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Anxious about moving forwards on his app, Lawrence checks in with his superiors about the next step. He gets a passive aggressive response: they don’t give him a definite no, but tell him that they encourage him to “keep the ideas coming” It’s what Hollywood calls, a soft pass.

Issa, Molly, Tiffany, and Kelli attend a “Sex-plosion” sex party/expo. I can’t tell if I’m just constantly looking for shade, but the emphasis on condoms and Molly’s random, “condoms are important” line makes me feel like it’s the show shading all the think pieces that claim Insecure is responsible for showing more safe sex on . The women have a conversation about blowjobs, and black women’s relationship to them. Tiffany’s is team, blow-, claiming it’s the correct way to control a man’s heart, leaving Issa with an idea.

Lawrence complains about his disappointment to Aparna, and the two bond over their perspective apps failure in the company. Gee, I wonder if this will be Lawrence’s new love interest?

Desperate, Issa meets Daniel at his music , acting even more awkward than normal. He greets her with her favorite champagne, and Issa finally gets to work on what she came for. Emboldened by Tiffany, Issa goes down on Daniel, who ahem – looks very appreciative.

While Molly and Dro enjoy a romantic evening in the bathtub, Dro kills the mood, claiming he needs to leave because Candice locked herself out the house – it’s here that I actually learned that Dro’s rented them a hotel room and they weren’t as his place. Guys… all signs point to an upcoming hot mess.

Back with Issa and Daniel, the blowjob ends abruptly when Daniel…. finishes on Issa’s face without consent. A pissed Issa storms out, and we find her at the local gas station looking pissed, a napkin covering her eye. I admit that was the moment I died. She’s rescued by an Uber pool, where the driver not only uses the “Issa” joke, but the white passenger next to her asks him to change the radio to “a black station” sigh.

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So, the biggest win had to have been (what I think) the show throwing shade at all the think-pieces that have critiqued Insecure for not showing enough (or any) safe sex. Now don’t get me wrong, I think as a whole can definitely stand to show more safe sex, especially since has the power to make safe sex cool and normal. But one thing I didn’t understand was why this show in particular was getting the all of flack for not showing safe sex, when I definitely think it’s  ’s issue as a whole. So was it merely coincidence or a tongue in cheek way of addressing the public’s concern with having a whole mini scene on using condoms, condoms during oral sex, and Molly blurting out: condoms are important? I could be reaching (and it’s likely I am), but I thought it was a cleverly awkward way for Insecure to poke fun at itself (and people concerned with the topic).

Wait, I lied – the biggest win was definitely Issa standing outside of the gas station with that dang napkin placed on her eye. I’m not about to lecture you on the reason why consent is important, and how maybe you should confirm with your partner before your bodily fluids land in un-discussed places, but I mean, Issa’s face was comedic gold. I died.

So, this episode almost felt like half of an episode, leaving me wanting a little bit more at the end, which was likely the whole point. I wish we set up a few more breadcrumbs as to what’s to come, and while you can argue that Dro running out of the hotel room is definitely an indicator that Molly’s going to be dealing with some disappointments next week, I’ll argue that it would’ve been nice to get a bit more of a concrete conflict/cliff hanger. Overall, this was one of the funniest episodes to me, but it definitely left me wanting more!


Season 2, Episode 6 (S02E06)
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