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Off of what was an apparently controversial episode last week, this week’s episode of INSECURE, Hella Disrespectful, picks up with Issa explaining to Molly how disrespected she felt after her encounter with Daniel last week. And yeah, I definitely feel bad for laughing about Issa holding that damn napkin up to her eye – especially now that I can imagine how whack it would be if some dude who’s NOT YOUR MAN did that to you. Sorry Issa.

During that conversation, Molly confesses that she’s still seeing Dro. Issa admits that she’s skeptical about Molly’s choice– “what does that mean for you?” But Molly gets defensive, saying that “she’ll do her, and Issa should do her.” Conversation squashed.


Lawrence has moved on to another boo, Aparna from work, and I don’t care. When his workmates inquire about their relationship, Lawrence plays it cool, later telling Aparna he just doesn’t want “people in their business like that.”

Back at work, Issa mends her relationship with Frieda by presenting her own ideas on increasing Latinx enrollment for their program. She tells Frieda she was in a rough place for a while (looking at you ho-tation), and apologizes for not seeing the error of her ways. Being proactive, Issa tries to approach Principal Gaines about increasing Latino enrollment, and is met with hostility from Gaines.

Molly visits Chicago to continue her work at the partner lawfirm, right before her pay increase meeting with the partners at her firm. Cut to: Molly in a room full of middle age white men, her pitching reasons why she deserves a raise (all great reasons). It doesn’t go well,… are we surprised?

Speaking of Molly, she actually has the nerve to be salty about Candice coming to Derek’s dinner party. And speaking of salty, Issa is a bit annoyed to find out that Lawrence is invited to the party as well. Lawrence, always making dumb choices, decides to bring Aparna. Child…

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Before Derek’s dinner party, Issa speaks with Daniel and gives him an earful as to why what he did wasn’t cool. He apologizes, and everything almost smooths over until Daniel forgets to keep his mouth shut and tells Issa that now “she knows how he felt” (I’m guessing he was referring to embarrassment  he felt when she shut him down at the crash site). Um yeah, Issa properly reads him for filth for that petty remark, telling him never to call her again, and she makes her way to the dinner party.

So the entire dinner party can be summed up in two words: hot mess. We can start with whatever fake-cover up faux-happy thing that I truly believe Tiffany has going on with Derek. I don’t care what anyone says, Tiffany tries WAY to hard to show everyone how happy she and Derek are, meanwhile Derek is always mumbling something negative under his breath. I mean, the proof is in the fact that while Tiffany worked hard to make a signature cocktail, Derek decided to just add an extra cherry in his. I can’t wait for that storyline to pay off.

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But anyways, the entire party starts off terribly when Molly comes face to face with Candice. Dro essentially writes Molly off, spending most of the time ignoring her and focusing solely on Candice… which makes sense I suppose. I don’t know how open marriages are supposed to work. Molly confronts him in the bathroom about being unsure if she can handle doing this, but the two end up having sex anyways. But when Dro tells Molly to wait a few minutes after he leaves the bathroom to come out, the message is loud and clear – he’s playing her.

The most hilarious part of the episode is when Lawrence enters with Aparna, and there’s a total record scratch. First of all, there’s no room for her at the table, so there’s painful moment where everyone has to scoot down to make room for her. Issa, who swore she wouldn’t drink, starts chugging whiskey – unable to get through the painful ordeal sober. Eventually, Issa has to take a break, and leaves the table, prompting Lawrence to follow her outside. I don’t know what I expected to happen between them, but I was bad ya’ll. Issa confronts Lawrence for not only bringing his new girl to the party in an open display of disrespect, but also for blocking her on Facebook (which we saw earlier in the episode). This leads to a heated argument, where Lawrence points out that he only blocked her because he was sick of seeing her photos with Daniel and, “is she still sleeping with him?” That’s when the low blows start getting thrown, Issa telling Lawrence that she wishes she never supported him while he was developing his obviously failed app, and Lawrence calling her a ho. Man.

After the party, Molly tells Dro that she can’t continue their “relationship”, Aparna and Lawrence go out for drinks and make-out (and I think we’re made to assume he’s done with Issa), and Issa, boy, Issa comes home to a notice of rent increase on her door, which prompts her to go on a rampage: upturning tables, knocking over cabinets, throwing chairs across the room. I’ll take it to be symbolic of her finally destroying the last piece that she and Lawrence had together.

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This was my favorite episode of the series thus far. Have I said that before? First of all, I’m a sucker for awkward dinner party scenes. I don’t know what it is about them, but putting a group of people together who hate/have issues with each other is comedic gold to me. Something about people trying to keep their sense of politeness about them while a storm brews beneath the surface is so good! The writing of the dinner scene was also fantastic. From Kelli’s random new man and her sporadic burst of hilarity that punctuated the party to everyone’s reaction to Aparna showing up to Molly’s slow realization that this is not the relationship she wants to be in – the writing of this episode was engaging, cringe-inducing, and absolutely hilarious. The first act leading up to this climax was thoughtfully well done, setting us up for a truly great explosion at the end.

I thought Issa breaking down at the end was genuinely heart-wrenching. I feel like Lawrence gets the upper hand in this whole scenario: he has a new , a new girlfriend, a new apartment, and Issa’s stuck carrying the emotional baggage of it all. What made the breakdown even worse, was that Issa seemed to be finally coming out on the other side of her rough patch – sticking up for herself and putting her foot down at work. So for Lawrence to just swoop in, call her a ho, and walk off with his new girl and ruin that for her? Yikes. Once again, that speaks to the great writing this episode and how, in a really short period of time, they were able to build a really strong emotional arc for each character that really paid off in the final moments of the episode.


Season 2, Episode 7 (S02E07)
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