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Almost too soon, we’ve reached the season finale of INSECURE. It’s here folks, and I don’t know about ya’ll but I was ready for a blow up.

The season finale lasts over the course of a month, setting off with Issa, Lawrence, and Molly at the Long Beach Marathon, where Lawrence spots them off in a crowd.

Lawrence is already having issues with his girl, Aparna. Well… not really issues, more like ‘listening to dudes in messed up relationships that are eager to mess up yours.” Lawrence’s paranoia over being cheated on again makes him jealous of Aparna and her work friend, who Lawrence feels is getting too buddy buddy with his girl. Things get real bad between them when Lawrence confronts Aparna at the same moment that Issa hits him up.

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Molly has her own eventful month. She goes on a interview in the hopes that an opposing offer will help her negotiate a higher rate at her current lawfirm. Meanwhile, Molly and Quinton (lawyer bae from Chicago) hit it off at dinner when he comes to town. Even though there’s clear chemistry between the two, Molly writes him off as the guy she’s not supposed to be with. At her therapy session (which I completely forgot she was going to!), Dro sends her a “I miss you” message – aka: let me ruin your life message.   After her therapist tells her to check herself, Molly allows things to escalate between her and Quinton (pretty quickly if you as me but aight).

At work, instead of an actual pay raise, Molly gets offered a “rising star” award, leaving us to wonder if she’s going to stay or leave her firm.

Cut to: Issa’s month. We get a further glimpse at the race, where Kelli isn’t able to finish, but at least made it far. Issa sees Lawrence and Aparna, and is a bit spurned by the fact that everyone in her life has seemed to move on except her. She blurts out that, “she’s moving” – which likely ties in to the teaser, which demonstrated that her neighborhood is going through the dreaded “g-word”- gentrification.

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At work, Issa’s boss finally finds out about Vice Principal Gaine’s prejudice, and tells Issa that the program could face a lawsuit because of her. Her boss gives Frieda the big promotion at work and the two seem to reconnect when Issa offers to buy her a drink.

To raise money for a new place, Issa holds a yard sale, much to he dismay of neighbor bae. Issa is able to sell everything except her couch, and some of Lawrence’s old stuff, which prompts her to call Lawrence to come pick it all up. She tells him when she won’t be at the house; but we still wait with anticipation to see if the two will still reconnect.

I mean, the show actually got my heart pumping a little when Issa returns home to do a final walk-through. Surprisingly, she opens the door to find Lawrence waiting for her at the apartment. Finally, the two have a real heart to heart: Lawrence apologizing for not meeting up to Issa’s expectations, and Issa apologizing for not doing more and stepping up to the plate. Issa apologizes for cheating and promises Lawrence that she still loves him, which he returns. Just when we think the two are going to officially go their separate ways, the show teases us with a little pretend flash-forward, where Lawrence propose to her, they have children…. all the stuff they both probably want. In the end though, they end up going their separate ways. Forever? Who knows.

Forced to move forward, Issa and Molly kick off their new lives with a weekend together before Issa moves off to live with her brother.

The season finale ends with Molly letting Dro back into her life (the foolishness), and Issa ending up back at Daniel’s house where she claims, “she’s sleeping on the couch.” Yikes. Do we agree with their decisions? Does it matter? Nope! Debate it in season 3!

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So first, I appreciate the trying out a different style this episode. Using the race as a base camp and then spurring that into what each of the main characters were going through was definitely a change of pace for the show. I thought that this was the most effective way to portray the past month of three characters who all have their own work and relationship arcs. Not only did it help keep everyone organized but it was also an interesting way to draw anticipation for the culmination of each character’s story. I admit though, the set up was a little confusing, only because it took me a while to figure out whether or not we were flashing back or flashing forwards.

So the Issa/Lawrence of it all was strangely satisfying for me. In my heart of hearts, and I was truly devastated when I realized that Lawrence never proposed to her, and that it was nothing but wishful thinking from everyone. However, there was something depressingly real about the outcome of their story, and very grounded storytelling. Their conversation undoubtedly left a lot of us wanting more – I mean how do you just walk away when you both admit to still loving each other? Also, them seeming to officially end raises the question (for me) of if it’s possible to actually end up with the person you’re meant to be with. I mean, Issa made a mistake (they both did), but is that enough grounds to walk away from the person you love? I suppose so, especially considering I’m a firm believer in a person leaving a situation that hurts them regardless of how “in love they are.” Either way, I enjoyed feeling let down by the two of them walking away, because it let me know just how invested I still was in these characters and their relationship – something I hadn’t realized until my little soul was slightly crushed after Lawrence said goodbye. I think that part of my anger towards him all season simply came from wanting them to get back together.

But, am I mad we’ll get more time with Daniel next season? Nope. Aparna can go, but I can stand to see more Daniel… even though that might not be the best choice for Issa. However, we all know what keeps us coming back every week is watching our characters make the wrong choice. Shacking up with Daniel? Yikes.

Molly’s storyline introduced us to a new love interest very quickly. We all had a feeling she would end up with Quinton, and I was happy to see the two of them hooking up. I do hope that just because Dro is now back in the picture (sigh) we don’t only get one episode of them together, that would be a waste of his character in my opinion.

Also, the finale reminded me of just how much was actually happening in Molly’s storyline that didn’t really track through the season. Her going to therapy was a pretty big move for her at the beginning of the season, but we didn’t see a pay off from that, at all. If anything, she appeared to be worse this season, and even more disjointed than before. It could be that because therapy is helping her open herself up to critiquing her own thoughts that she’s just caught in learning to make new choices, resulting in new mistakes, but I do wish I could’ve seen a little growth from her. You could ague that her growth came from hooking up with Quinton, but she immediately reneged on that after Dro hit her up. But, once again, that’s reality. We’ve all had moments where just as we’re about to have a positive breakthrough, something that we shouldn’t get involved in comes knocking at our door and seduces us to give it up.

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Speaking of Dro, man I was hoping that we finally had a reveal where we learn that Candice has no knowledge of this “open relationship” that he claims. But sigh, we will wait for next season.

So all and all, I think there were some pretty solid episodes this season. My one complaint is that I think they could’ve moved things a little bit faster. While I understand the build up to last episode and the finale, I think that there were a couple filler episodes where I left wishing for more – especially for Molly. While I appreciate the show’s tone and overall pacing, I would love if things picked it up in speed next season, and we hit home stronger character (or backsliding!).



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