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After this week’s episode of INSECURE, hopefully we’ll be able to take a little hiatus from Lawrence and get back to Issa finding some happiness.

After last week’s sudden meet up, Issa wonders wtf is going on between her and Lawrence. While the audience sits back with apprehension, looking like “girl leave Lawrence alone”, an Issa in denial admits to her friends that she has hope that he’ll get back with her. At an event with her friends, Issa finds out about Tasha. Whoops.

Issa’s life isn’t completely about Lawrence (thank goodness). Issa and Frieda approach the school’s  principal, who’s proving to be a bit apathetic and problematic about his school – and if ya’ll remember last episode, you’ll remember that Issa only has one more chance to get it together at this school or be pulled out. While the program is doing better, Frieda struggles to deal with the principal’s beliefs – he says pretty problematic things like “don’t speak Spanish at school.” It’s a pretty interesting dynamic considering he’s a black dude, and it’s something that Issa tries to ignore, but one can only ignore someone calling Latino students derogatory names for so long.


While Issa tries to keep her cool, she begins to become obsessed with Tasha, and by stalking all of her social media pages she finds out where she works. Molly stalks Lawrence, and finally gets the truth from him – he’s done. Yikes. We end the episode with Issa going on an online dating app, agreeing to meet up with someone.

Meanwhile, Lawrence is reeling with… guilt? He admits that he slept with Issa to Tasha, telling his “not girlfriend” the truth. Oh gosh,I already know ya’ll Team Lawrence people are going to have a field day at this bare minimum of human decency. Either way, Tasha kicks Lawrence out after he admits he doesn’t know how he feels about Issa.

So when he’s not too busy having sex, Lawrence continues his hunt for apartments. Honestly while he looked at a two bedroom spot, all I could think of is, how much does Best Buy pay him???


Anways, Lawrence finally admits to Molly that he’s done with Issa and apologizes to Tasha.

Molly deals with the aftermath of her work revelation in a pretty passive aggressive way. She decides to join the boys club of the firm, I guess in the hopes that that will get her the raise she deserves?  She ends up at a hockey game with the top partners, doing her best to be interested in the game. The next day, she learns the hard way that she’ll never be in the boys club, and is met with the cold shoulder at work.

Also, is anyone going to comment on the “Underground-ish”, slave romance show with Regina King this week? Like what’s going on.


So, like I’ve been saying, I’m all for both Issa and Lawrence moving on. What I like about this story is the fact that, just like real life, their break up is messy. In TV land, them hooking up at the end of episode one would’ve been the start of their new, budding relationship. In real life, things rarely wrap themselves up in such a neat bow. I will admit that I’m a little over Lawrence’s growing pains. I know that it’s hard for someone who’s been hurt to finally accept his feelings, process his emotions and make a decision to either move forwards to break up, but guys… he’s already leading some other girl on. And before you say, “but he told Tasha about Issa” I’ll stop you right there and say he didn’t tell Tasha because he’s a good person necessarily, he told Tasha because he’s still trying to process his feelings about everything, and is using Tasha as his emotional crutch in the meantime because he’s scared of being alone.

So we’re moving into episode three with the promise of seeing Issa in her hoe phase: going on dates, meeting people for casual sex, the works. Personally, I think Issa has done her fair amount of mourning and self-hate after her breakup with Lawrence, so I’ll be happy to see her trying to get back in action. I would say that I’m excited to see where Lawrence is going as well, if he wasn’t trying to do the whole relationship/not relationship thing mere months after his long term one ended. People, learn to deal with your hurt and pain without sucking the life out of other people

Finally, Molly girl…. I don’t know what her plan is, but to me I see on the path of being overworked and disappointment.


Season 2, Episode 2 (S02E02)
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