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“You know they can tell diabetes through your eyes.”

This week on INSECURE, “Real as F**k”, Molly and Issa switch up their hair and Lawrence finally finds out that Issa is trifling.


Lawrence interviews and lands a gig at a social media app startup, Meridian. He becomes inspired to continue to work on his own app, and considers not taking the . Issa, with some nerve, shoots him down and tells him that she doesn’t want it to go back to how it was. Ya’ll remember that she cheated on him, and if he knew he could be single and able to do whatever he wants, right? Okay. Cheaters don’t get to have an attitude about your life decisions.

Molly runs into her RA from freshman year, Crystal, who she learns is in therapy. Although she and Issa laugh about it at first, Issa admits that she thinks that Molly could use some therapy to help with her relationship issues. She ain’t lying. After Molly shoots down a nice guy at Issa’s fundraiser, Issa finds Molly downing drinks in the corner. The two get into an argument about their love lives, and Issa points out that Molly is impossible to please. Molly points the finger back at Issa, accusing Issa of being unable to commit to anything. Molly also tells Issa that she doesn’t deserve Lawrence….and I mean, true. The confrontation ends with Molly storming out of the fundraiser, their friendship hanging by a thread.

Afterwards, Molly rushes to Jared’s house and offers him a half-assed apology for the way she left him. Here’s one of the many terrible things that comes out of her mouth: “I should’ve lowered my standards for you.” He swerved her. Rightfully so.


Most of this episode’s drama happens at the fundraiser that Issa has organized for her company. At the fundraiser, attended by Molly, Lawrence, and the Greek Choir (their unnamed group of friends), Issa is stunned to find that Daniel has arrived to the event. What could possibly go wrong? All of it.

Issa confronts Daniel, who expresses his hurt at being ignored by Issa. Issa lets him know that he was “an itch that needed to be scratched”, which is probably one of the dumbest things you can say to a guy who’s about to blow your whole life up. Lawrence clocks the entire interaction between them.

After the fundraiser, Issa returns home and finds Lawrence waiting for her in the dark, asking who Daniel is and if she’s slept with him. Issa’s unable to hide the truth from her face. Lawrence explodes, and in an intense, heart-wrenching scene storms out of the house, leaving Issa crying on the floor. Can’t say she doesn’t deserve it.


So this episode brought forth the long awaited confrontation between Issa and Lawrence. Lawrence, who has become my favorite character, learns of Issa’s infidelity through intuition and suspicion. For those of you asking, “but how does Lawrence crack the case?”, I can’t say he really does anything but rely on his gut – and that’s what’s so sad. I like that the build-up to the confrontation was a bit muted. If Lawrence had been running around, pointing fingers and being obnoxious, then his and Issa’s argument wouldn’t have felt as strong. Lawrence is a good guy who’s emotions aren’t governed by volatile energy, so watching him completely unravel (while still not disrespecting Issa) was something powerful to watch. The actor, Jay Ellis, really demonstrated his talent tonight, and I think he made the episode.


Let me back up and point out the most messed up thing of the episode. After Lawrence is offered the at the start-up, he brings up his hesitation on taking the to Issa. He tells her that based on what he’s seen of the company, he has a great shot of starting his own business, and is considering just moving forward with his app. Knowing that she is hiding a secret that will completely destroy the relationship once it comes out, Issa all high and mighty, gets an attitude when Lawrence expresses his interest. I was so offended. How are you going to tell someone what to do in their life because of how it affects you, when you literally don’t have a place in their life anymore? Girl. It’s like, imagine finding a million dollars on the ground, and then your mother convinces you to give it all to her. Cool. Then imagine finding out your mother is actually an escaped psychopath who kidnapped you from your real mother at birth and is raising you in order to collect welfare checks. I’m sure you’d feel deceived and surely pissed that you wasted a million dollars on a liar. I tried. Long story short, in my opinion, that was one of the dirtiest things that Issa’s character has done.

Meanwhile, Molly is falling apart before our very eyes, and it was sneaky. For the past six episodes, I knew that Molly had relationship issues, but this week I saw that something really might be wrong with ole girl. With only one episode left, I don’t know what’s going to happen to Molly, and frankly I think she needs to take a break from the men folk, but I’m ready to see what happens to someone who I had pegged as “Miss Perfect” from episode one.

One episode left… I put money on Issa finding Lawrence at Red Lobster with Tasha. *Petty eye emoji.



Season 1, Episode 7 (S01E07)
Insecure airs Sunday at 1030PM on HBO

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