Introducing Inaugural Launch Pad Manuscript Competition Winner Danny Newell


After all the typewriter keys went silent, the highlighters were put down and the final pages were turned, the entertainment & publishing industries alike cast their vote to decide which manuscript was worthy of being the last book standing. That book was none other than the thriller from newcomer .

Beating out more than 2,000 entries from 24 countries, and multiple New York Times Bestselling authors, Newell’s manuscript not only landed the coveted top spot of being named the Overall Winner in the inaugural Launch Pad Manuscript Competition, it was also hand picked by our exclusive partners , and publisher Inkshares to land there. Newell, who not only walked away with a publishing deal and new representation from Inkshares and Energy Entertainment respectively, also saw his project put into with (Bates Motel) and (Matriarch) teaming with Weaver to bring the project to life.

Described as The Hunger Games meets The Purge, Newell’s manuscript tells the story of what happens when all of the parents on a remote island community suddenly become violent and begin to hunt down and murder their own children. Steering the story is our 17-year old female lead, who is thrust into the role of leader and protector of her siblings, as well as those she can rescue across the island.

Although a heavy and haunting premise, this is also part of what makes Newell’s story so compelling. This is an incredibly original, yet equally relatable tale, that shucks the need for monsters or aliens to invoke our fears, and instead introduces the terrifyingly simple idea of the horrors that could be brewing under our own roof. Filled with all of the twists and turns you’d expect from a book in this genre, it’s the emotional impact, loss, self-discovery and redemption of these characters that takes an already addictive premise and elevates it beyond anything else you’ll find in this market. With Newell’s impressive voice on display, an atmospheric approach to every moment, and a phenomenal lead thrust into her role as a savior, this story is not only one that will command an audience of readers, but one that will entice a broad spectrum of viewers as a film or television series.

Newell, a University of North Carolina graduate, is currently hard at work with his team to bring Filicide to screens and bookshelves worldwide.

will be available online and in bookstores across the globe in 2018. As for the film and/or television series, more to come…

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