IP Market Listing Submission

IP Tracking Submission 

If you are an established Literary (or ) who is taking out their client’s (novel, non-fiction book, graphic novel, shorty story, short film), we’d love to track & promote it to our community of industry professionals.

We only list IP being shopped by industry recognized literary agencies and/or management firms. (Our listings are not for authors or creators to simply list their property in hopes of getting optioned or sold.)

For best practices for the submission, check out our TIPS below the form.

An * denotes a required field. All other fields are optional.

IP Market Listing

To submit any IP which is going out to market.

  • Separate each name with commas.
  • Separate each genre with a vertical bar "|".
  • Separate agency names with commas.
  • Separate each name by commas.
  • Separate management firm names with commas.
  • Separate each name with commas.
  • Ex. "Literary Agency's and/or Literary Management Firm's name" is out with this intellectual property.
  • For internal use only.
  • Please only use a working company email address. We may need to verify or ask follow up questions.

(This form is NOT for authors or creators to submit their own intellectual property. Established reps only.)


  1. Include all the info you can and be as specific as possible.
  2. Please use your company email address as we may need to follow up with questions.
  3. For the Representation fields, if there is more than one author or creator, please include next to each reps’ last name, in parentheses, the last name of the author or creator they represent.
  4. The Details field is for any extra pertinent info about the type of material the rights are being shopped for:  novel, manuscript, comic book, graphic novel, video game, short film, etc.
  5. The Announcement field should be: “Name of your Literary Agency” is shopping film and/or TV rights to this (intellectual property). 
  6. If in doubt about a particular element, simply be as clear as possible and explain as need be. We can edit any notes or explanations for the listing as necessary.