Is Drew Goddard Right For “Spider-Man” Reboot?



With chosen to write and direct the upcoming SONY/MARVEL SPIDER-MAN REBOOT, there has been a lot of speculation on whether or not he would be right for it, and how it could possibly be groundbreaking at this point.

I have faith that Goddard is going to make a film that hits its main objective by delivering what fans of the character want to see, while bringing in elements that we haven’t seen in a Spider-Man film. This is of course backed up by the projects that Goddard has had a hand in.

When you tackle a genre piece, there are certain expectations that you have to deliver upon. These are the minimal moments of satisfaction for fans. With the projects that Goddard has worked on, not only was he able to deliver on those expectations, he was able to set new standards for these genres.

There is a reason why Buffy The Vampire Slayer has remained highly regarded in the action/horror fan community. With story lines and characters that went above and beyond expectations, and company created an iconic series. Goddard penned a number of episodes for the series.

For fans of giant monster films, Goddard delivered the script for J.J. Abram’s Cloverfield. The film pushed the boundaries of the found footage style, showing mainstream audiences that the technique could contain high concept narrative stories. The film is often brought up when discussing either found footage or monster movies. It was a landmark in this respect.

In discussions about horror and the slasher genre in particular, there are now the pre and post periods around Goddard’s Cabin In The Woods, which he developed with Whedon. The film is a self aware breakdown of the slasher formula that simultaneously works as a horror film while operating as a wicked clever satire. It changed the slasher genre for audiences and film theorists.

With the world of Spider-Man, I have no doubt that Goddard will heavily consider what made the character tick for fans. He has honored the material before him in the past and delivered what fans wanted to see, while expanding on the possibilities of the genres that he has worked in. This is why he’s a great pick to direct the upcoming Spider-Man reboot, in my opinion.

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