ISA Spotlight: Winners Announced For The 2015 Table Read My Screenplay Contest!


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Here at the Tracking Board, it’s our mission to support and encourage up-and-coming who are looking for avenues to showcase their unique voices. We are constantly looking for ways to celebrate and acknowledge the talented and passionate screenwriters who are working their way to the top.

To that end we’re proud to present the inaugural .

Table Read My Screenplay is a screenwriting contest sponsored by the International Screenwriters’ Association, The Tracking Board, and Write Your Screenplay. The draw of this contest is that the winning screenplay(s) will be workshopped by an established director and table-read by professional actors. This year, the Grand Prize Winners were flown down to Park City for the 2015 Sundance Festival.

We’ve partnered with TRMS and the ISA to bring you the , which provides the opportunity for us to highlight the winning screenplays and to introduce you to these talented .

* All photos courtesy of TRMS.



Logline: When Derek makes the mistake of flashing his brights at the wrong car, he is pursued all over by a group of vicious maniacs whose sole purpose is to make this the most terrifying night of his life.

Bio: graduated from Ithaca College in May of 2000. He excelled in his work as the director and writer of his original television series aired on ICTV entitled, “Tracy Malis.” He spent time as an actor as well with an on-campus drama club and achieved highly as a student. As well as an avid screenwriter, Ed has worked as a story editor for shows like TAKING THE STAGE and THE AMAZING RACE and Story Producer for shows like TRADING SPACES. Edward also placed as a Special Mention in the Table Read My Screenplay – Screenplay Contest with his : INVISIBLE SCARS.

Ed single

– Grand Prize Winner of TRMS Sundance 2015.




Logline: An older woman who loves the railroad, visits every day to wave at her beloved and mysterious conductor, however their relationship takes a new form when he sends her a note.

Bio: is a Switzerland based writer and director with the company BMC . He has directed numerous award winning short films over the past few years. His latest short film, MOSQUITO has been distributed by Warner Bros to cinemas all over the country. He is currently working on his feature ALICE FROM SWITZERLAND with the company C- in Zurich.

Actors at TRMS 15

The actors with at TRMS Sundance 2015. Tony Gapastione, Addi Gefen, Mackenzie Horras, , Felicity Wren, David Arkema, Carla Renata, Misha Crosby, Doug Schneider & David Rysdahl.

View the complete list of Category Winners and Special Mentions visit the Official Table Read My Screenplay site.




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