ISA Spotlight: Winners Announced For The London 2016 Table Read My Screenplay Contest



Here at The Tracking Board, it’s our mission to support and encourage up-and-coming writers who are looking for avenues to showcase their unique voices. We are constantly looking for ways to celebrate and acknowledge the talented and passionate screenwriters who are working their way to the top.

To that end we’re pleased to present the latest ISA Spotlight – LONDON.

Table Read My Screenplay is a screenwriting contest sponsored by the International Screenwriters’ Association, The Tracking Board, and Write Your Screenplay. The draw of this contest is that the winning screenplay(s) will be workshopped by an established director and table-read by professional actors. The contest is featured in cities such as Hollywood, Park City, London, and Austin, but reaches writers all over the world.

We’ve partnered with TRMS and the ISA to bring you the ISA Spotlight, which provides the opportunity for us to highlight the winning screenplays and to introduce you to these talented writers.


  • Cleaning House by Mark Grisar

Logline: Max leads a dull existence till his housekeeper tries to rob him while his wife tries to kill him. When both plans go awry, Max finds himself a wanted fugitive.

Mark Grisar Headshot 2

Bio: Though not his day , Mark Grisar is a professional screenwriting contestant, having won, placed, or showed in the most prestigious contests in the country. He boasts that he is one of the few who has won more than he has spent on contest entry fees. Grisar is especially proud of the three copies of Final Draft Software he won in one year.

Grisar has written five viable scripts (all contest favorites), has had several options — US and abroad (some even paying!) and has three unexecuted sales contracts residing on his hard drive. He has come as close to a produced credit as a screenwriter can, without having anything committed to celluloid, or digital media.

He currently resides in NY with his two kids, two dogs, and one wife.

What Mark is working on now: Grisar had been taking a hiatus from screenwriting, working on the novelizations of his well-received-but-yet-to-be-produced screenplays. His recent success in the TRMS Contest though, has renewed his passion for writing scripts.


  • A Challenge to the Dark by Anna Imhof

Logline: No matter what anybody else says: Frankie, a 9-year-old tomboy, is convinced that in due time John Wayne will appear in her sleepy Midwestern hometown, pick her up on his horse and take her to the Wild West to fulfill her destiny as gunslinger.

Anna Imhof square

Bio: Anna Imhof was born in Brig/Switzerland and spent a wild childhood in the mountains. She is a high school dropout, and she studied acting at the Stage School of Music, Dance and Drama in Hamburg/Germany and the Lee Strasberg Institute in New York City. Upon realizing that she was more interested in watching other actors than performing herself, she took up an offer to work as an assistant director and later directed plays herself and has worked as an acting coach throughout the years. She used to write poetry and short stories in German that were published in various magazines and anthologies, and she has authored two collections of poetry which came out at Yedermann Verlag, Munich. In the past few years she’s been focusing on writing screenplays with the hope to turn them into movies.

She currently lives out of two suitcases between Los Angeles and Zurich.

What Anna’s working on now: Imhof is currently working on several feature scripts, among them The Promise, a drama with fairytale elements about a girl who used to fly around the world with her father by holding his hand. Brought down from the sky by her jealous mother, we watch them struggle with life on the ground, how reality comes between them and how they ultimately unite again. Another script she is working on is Wunderkind, a drama about the friendship between a shy young woman who wants to be a writer but has never experienced anything, and a young boy who was a successful violin player before his was put on hold as he’s stricken with a mysterious illness. She’s also working on a short film titled Clara and the Rain, a drama with magical realism elements about a girl who grows up in a place without rain, and upon witnessing an unexpected thunderstorm she runs away from home in search for more rain.

View the complete list of Category Winners and Special Mentions on the  Official Table Read My Screenplay site.


* All photos courtesy of TRMS.


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