ISA Spotlight: Winners Announced For the Park City 2018 Table Read My Screenplay Contest



Here at The Tracking Board, it’s our mission to support and encourage up-and-coming writers who are looking for avenues to showcase their unique voices. We are constantly searching for ways to celebrate and acknowledge the talented and passionate screenwriters who are working their way to the top.

To that end, we’re pleased to present the latest ISA Spotlight – Park City.

Table Read My Screenplay is a screenwriting contest sponsored by the International Screenwriters’ Association, The Tracking Board, and Write Your Screenplay. The draw of this contest is that the winning screenplay(s) will be workshopped by an established director and table-read by professional actors. The contest is featured in cities such as Hollywood, Park City, London, and Austin, but it reaches writers all over the world.

We’ve partnered with TRMS and the ISA to bring you the ISA Spotlight, which provides us the opportunity to highlight the winning screenplays and introduce you to these talented writers.


  • Clean Slate ( Pilot) by Josh Sorokach

Logline: Grace Caldwell’s life devolves into chaos when she inadvertently inspires one of the most famous people in the world, renowned socialite Oliver Kennington, to leave behind his privileged yet unfulfilling world of luxury to pursue a normal life out of the spotlight.

Bio: Josh Sorokach is a writer living in New York City. In 2015, Josh teamed with Abominable Pictures to turn his New York Festival-winning Semi-Charmed Life into a pilot starring Ryan Hansen and Noël Wells. Josh has completed the advanced sketch writing program at the UCB Theatre, and he has also written 20 pilots that range in quality from ‘good’ to ‘yikes’ to ‘oh brother!’ Josh is currently a writer at You can reach him at

What Josh is working on now: Josh is currently working on a comedy about a character forced to return to his hometown after failing spectacularly at his dream . Fueled by delusion and spite, he decides to ignore all his problems by vowing to make the Olympic Curling Team.

Josh and Huelah


  • The Science of Happiness by Huelah Lander

Logline: A man lives his entire life according to the predictions of a happiness app, but when he finds out the science is fake, he destroys his perfect life.

Bio: Huelah Lander is a Canadian-Australian writer based in Vancouver. She won gold at PAGE and was the grand prize winner at Table Read My Screenplay for her sci-fi short The Science of Happiness. She just signed on the dotted line for her second option, and is just starting a writing assignment for a made-for- thriller. She has also recently begun dabbling in VR and immersive storytelling.

Huelah has a degree in English literature from Simon Fraser University, and a diploma in writing for film and television from Vancouver School. She feeds herself by teaching English as a second language, and feeds her soul by performing improv and sketch, as well as writing (almost) every day. You can reach her at

What Huelah is working on now: On top of her writing assignment, Huelah is currently outlining a feature version of The Science of Happiness and working on a first draft of a dark comedy titled Uncanny Valley, about an insecure scientist who creates an identical AI robot version of herself in order to get over her hang-ups. She’s polishing the sitcoms Sorry, Not Sorry, about a free-spirited couch-crashing Canadian who marries an uptight, nerdy American so he can get Canadian citizenship and she can get a place to stay; as well as She Said, He Said, about a couple in marriage counseling who create a comedic Rashomon effect when they revisit the highs and lows of their relationship. She’s also blowing the metaphorical dust off a stack of old scripts and debating what else is worth revisiting.

View the complete list of Category Winners and Special Mentions on the  Official Table Read My Screenplay site.


* All photos courtesy of TRMS.

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