Issa Rae Grows Up and Tests Her Sexy Walk in “Insecure” Season 2 Trailer (VIDEO)


The end of the first season of left us hanging with so many questions — not to mention a particular and nearly X-rated scene involving Issa’s estranged boyfriend Lawrence (Jay Ellis) that had us all clutching our pearls. The season two trailer delivers hints at what to expect in Issa’s post-Lawrence journey and all the glorious awkwardness that comes with it.

Based on the two minutes of the trailer, the highly anticipated second season of the critically acclaimed and Golden Globe-nominated comedy will deliver the goods in terms of resolving issues (maybe), lots of Issa Rae-brand humor and the growth of her character. There are also new struggles for the characters that hi too close to reality — like the obnoxious world of dating, Molly’s (Yvonne Orji) pay gap a work, and getting caught taking naughty selfies (which Issa handles like an awkward pro).

The new trailer is giving us so much life and July 23 couldn’t come any sooner.

 | Staff Writer

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