It’s “LOST” meets “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” meets “RED”… from JJ ABRAMS


When rumor becomes reality…

This past spring Lost stars Terry O’ Quinn and began talking about a TV project they were both trying to get off the ground later in the year.  At that time, research and confirmations turned up that it was simply an idea.  Well, cut to 6 months later, and its now an idea, with a pitch, a script, and JJ Abrams, and aboard.

The trio of creatives have begun pitching the series alongside the starring pair as an action/comedy/drama entitled “”.  The series will focus on O’Quinn and Emerson as two aging Black Op operatives who now live quiet suburban lives, but on the side are still very active agents.

So, think of it as “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” meets “RED”… with two of the stars of “LOST”.

Pow!  Now this is something I’d watch!


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