It’s “Mission: Imposter” for Christopher McQuarrie as Con Man Movie “The Chameleon” Takes Shape at Netflix


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Five years ago, I saw a fascinating documentary called The Imposter about a French con artist named Frédéric Bourdin who spent years posing as missing teenagers and duping family members who were so desperate to have their loved ones back that they looked past any doubts they had about his identity.

Now that frightening true story is set to become a narrative feature, with power scribes and teaming to produce for , which has acquired rights to ’s 2008 New Yorker feature of the same name, the Tracking Board has confirmed.

Bourdin preyed on many families during the mid-’90s, when he lived with one family in San Antonio, Texas while pretending to be their long-lost loved one.

According to Deadline, which broke the Chameleon news, the aim is to craft a psychological thriller similar in tone to The Silence of the Lambs and Making A Murderer. There’s a lot of juicy material to mine here, but the risk lies in making something like The Walk, a very good movie that still paled in comparison to the documentary (Man on Wire) that came before it.

Winter will co-write the script with , and he’ll also produce alongside his wife (Dallas Buyers Club), who joins McQuarrie and his producing partner on the project.

Capotorto worked with on Vinyl, and he’s currently a writer on the upcoming HBO series The Deuce. He’s represented by , which also reps , Grann and the McQuarries.

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