iZOMBIE Review: “Conspiracy Weary”


iZOMBIE explores the mysteries of Tupac and Tom Cruise when our favorite zoms get “Conspiracy Weary.” This was another fantastic iZombie, playing with new types of brain–flash sequences. Last week ended with Ravi taking a heroic stand between Don E. and the heavily armed Johns brothers. He doesn’t cave when Harley holds a gun to his head and gives him a five count. Harley doesn’t shoot Ravi, but him gives him a nasty pistol-whipping for maximum headache.

The Johns brothers rush to torture Don E. in front of 100K online viewers. They give him a couple of zaps with their sinister electric wand but then they hear an uninvited knocking at the door. It’s Liv-zombie. She smashes her way through the door as Blaine drops in from the skylight. Ravi picks himself up and joins the fight, Liv gets shot in the back and Blaine uploads a trio of lead rounds, but they save Don E. Bo Johns is the closest human when Don E. breaks free, he pops his brain open like a hateful melon.


The other Johns brothers flee. The first two run into a squad of armed Fillmore Graves mercs. They ask for their surrender but the Johns brothers go out blazing. In an excellent choice of storytelling, Harley Johns watches more of his brothers go down before he slithers off into the night. Meanwhile, Liv, Blaine, and Fillmore Graves merc Zack all take turns on Bo Johns brain setting up tonight’s hook. Remember, Bo was the Johns that thought the Shaw of Iran created zombies.

Chase Graves finds several weapons in Harley’s truck, Liv takes them to Clive to see if they match the Baracus assassination attempt or Reid family murders. Graves also found intel about a Johns family cabin on the outskirts of town. This is Chase’s next target against the truther movement, but he doesn’t know where outside of town it is. Liv’s ability to sleuth is derailed by Bo’s ridiculous tin-hat connections. Clive suggests they go down to the “Wham Bam” shooting range to trigger a flash and Ravi suggests they ask Don E. and Blaine to help triple their chances.


Blaine and Don E. have a hilarious discussion about Tupac working undercover and Tom Cruise as zombie. It explains his slow aging and desire to do his own dangerous stunts. At “Wham Bam,” Liv, Blaine, and Don E. have a simultaneous three-way flash of the exact same memory. Unfortunately, it’s the useless memory of the night Justin attacked their truck which was captured on dash-cam and uploaded to the internet. However, Liv gets a flash on her own, Harley Johns discovered the tracker Major hid in his truck and planned on using it to lure zombies into an ambush.

Liv sends a text to warn Major and Justin that Harley knew about the bug. Fillmore Graves merc Zack also receives a Bo flash; he sees where the Johns cabin is located. Chase calls his platoon up for a raid on the truthers cabin. The mercs are close when Major receives Liv’s text and warns Chase. One pair of mercs gets blown up by a mine, but the warning saves the rest of the group. They mark the mines and search the cabin. It looks like it has been abandoned for months.


Clive’s friend, Axel, matches the guns from Harley’s truck to the Wally Reid murder and Baracus assassination attempt. Harley Johns is their prime suspect. Clive says Harley’s neighbor called in a noise complaint eight weeks ago, heavy construction equipment. Liv and Clive drive to the woods and search the cabin. It’s very dusty, but has working indoor plumbing and Clive notices a brand-new outhouse next to the cabin. Clive discovers a hidden ladder leading to an underground lair. They find Harley sick on a sofa. Clive announces he’s arresting Harley for the murder of Anna and Wally Reid, and Liv Bo-flashes the night the Reid’s were murdered. Bo’s in the truck with Harley outside the Reid house when they see and hear gunshots fired inside. Harley witnessed the murder but he didn’t pull the trigger, then.


However, Harley has a gun hidden under his blanket and fires at Clive. Clive returns fire and kills Harley, for a minute. The twist is, Harley is undead, scratched during the “Wham Bam” rescue, exactly the way Ravi warned him. Add to this, somebody clearly planted the weapons in Harley’s truck to make him the patsy for the murders and assassination attempt. I would suspect someone at Fillmore Graves was behind this subversion, but Vivian Stoll was also murdered.

Peyton questions Tatum Weckler after she finds a safety-deposit box key hidden in her father’s wallet. She convinces Tatum to let her see what’s in the box, still looking for Roxanne’s flash drive. Tatum flashes on her way out, but lies to Peyton about her awkward pause. Peyton knows a zombie-flash when she sees one and she does find the missing flash-drive.


The footage shows Weckler murder Roxanne but he makes a phone call right after. Weckler tells the guy on the other end of the line he had to do it because she discovered him. Someone reminds him to take the flash-drive out of the camera. Peyton suspects Baracus used Weckler to do his dirty work. Baracus knew Weckler, was Peyton’s boss, and is the newly elected mayor of Seattle. Everyone at Fillmore Grave celebrates his election win. It’s not like he’s the first zombie to take the oath of office.

In relationship news, Major expels Shawna from Fort Lust for posting pictures and intimate texts on her Tumblr. She says she did it to show people how normal he is, but people end up hating him more when someone makes T-shirts with his picture that say, “Killer Abs.” Rachel puts Ravi through the ringer after she escapes from “Wham Bam.” She asks Ravi to help her understand everything she saw; zombies, Fillmore Graves, more zombies. Ravi tells her what he knows. The thing he doesn’t know; Rachel is a reporter for “206 Weekly, Seattle Alt News.” Rachel gives her boss the story and he features it front page the next morning. Sorry Ravi. Next week starts the two-part finale. This season flew by but I still need to see Zombie Island! They owe us at this point.

Season 3, Episode 11 (S03E11)
iZombie airs Tuesdays at 9PM on The CW

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