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iZOMBIE pounds on Major and sends Liv on a passion mission in “Looking for Mr. Goodbrain, Part 1.” Last week ended with a shocking discovery, Harley Johns is full zombie; an interesting for a tier one hater. Clive can’t exactly arrest Johns so he calls on Major to deploy his old Chaos Chiller trick. Major drugs Harley unconscious and they lock him in the outhouse-basement lair’s meat freezer.

In other law-enforcement news, Peyton considers the link between newly elected zombie-Mayor Floyd Baracus and the dominatrix-Weckler murders. On cue, Baracus drops in on Peyton the afternoon after Rachel’s front page article on zombies in Seattle. Baracus suspects Peyton knows more about zombies than she’s been letting on. He offers her the Chief of Staff position in the mayor’s office. Peyton declines the offer, she thinks it could be a “hush” appointment. I think Baracus is serious. Peyton knows Seattle and takes the side of law enforcement. Throw in her intelligence and she becomes an indispensable asset for any leadership team. Her wheels are always turning. Peyton mentions new information in the Weckler murder, a case Baracus suggested she leave alone as a win. He doesn’t act surprised or warn her off again, he tells her not to be surprised if she sees him in the footage. Not exactly a guilty man’s response.


The real loser tonight is love. Ravi feels like Rachel betrayed him by publishing her zombie article and she did. She drops by to apologize but she also has a few follow-up questions. Ravi tells her to walk. Then, Katty Kupps rushes in and rubs salt in his wounds over going on record. She’s still in town investigating an “Aleutian Flu” outbreak for the CDC. She leaves but Ravi sees her a few hours later when he gets called to a crime scene. Katty Kupps was found dead in an alley, stabbed with evidence of blunt force trauma.

Liv cooks up Katty brain to work the case but she has several hilarious flashes of Ravi’s sex antics. Ravi warns Liv she may become attracted to him, but Katty’s brain is much more dangerous than that. Aside from investigating passengers from a Paris flight about the “Aleutian Flu,” she’s been hunting men from the hotel bar. Liv is drawn to the place. Clive’s investigation turns up four possible suspects from the flight, he calls them all in for interrogation; one of them traded seats with a woman from 17D. Who is this woman?

iZombie -- "Looking For Mr. Goodbrain, Part 1" Image Number: ZMB312a_0129.jpg -- Pictured: Malcolm Goodwin as Clive -- Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW -- © 2017 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Clive tracks down the passenger form airline and goes to her house. Tatum Weckler answers the door but her friend Patrice was sitting in 17D. Clive wants to ask her questions about Katty, but Carey Gold, Patrice’s mother, interrupts. This is a huge . It links Fillmore Graves to both Weckler and Kupps murders. There is a third murder possibility too, Vivian Stoll. Viv’s helicopter blew up on the way to inspect progress on Zombie Island. No one has been investigating Stoll’s assignation since it happened, which is a pretty cool storytelling trick. We never hear Chase Graves discuss the loss of his sister-in-law. They must sew this up next week.

Chase calls Major into his office and confronts him about being human. Chase doesn’t want any non-zoms at the company and fires Major, even though major begs to keep his . Major’s squad is sad to see him go and want to throw him a big party. Major is devastated, Fillmore Graves gave him a purpose. Once again, good ol’ Major is cast aside. However, he gets a text from lost love Natalie. She’s back in town and wants to see him. One door closes and Natalie returns though the other.

iZombie -- "Looking For Mr. Goodbrain, Part 1" Image Number: ZMB312a_0049.jpg -- Pictured: Robert Buckley as Major -- Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW -- © 2017 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Natalie has been a mystery since Major left her with a dose of cure. She cashed her rainy-day fund, traveled the world, and ended up renting a place in Italy. Major can’t wait to see her and he’s overdue for proper unconditional loving. Natalie arrives at Major’s place wearing one of his “Killer Abs” t-shirts. They spend a little time catching up and little more time “rubbin’ sticks and stone together” for some bedroom delight. I’m so glad they brought her back, it is fantastic to see Natalie’s smiling face again. She asks Major to join her in Italy and he accepts. All he has to do is pack and make an appearance at his squad’s goodbye party.

Liv is also moving forward in her relationship with Justin. Katty’s sex drive has her a little confused but she definitely wants to keep their relationship exclusive. However, she finds herself at Katty’s hotel bar again and this time, Chase Graves is also looking for company. They start with drinks but it doesn’t take long for the main event. Liv and Chase have sex on his hotel desk. Afterwards, she finds one of Katty’s hook-up bar-napkins. Suspicious? Yes, Chase is a cold killer. Then again, Liv didn’t get any visions while they were together. She does miss Major’s firing party.

iZombie -- "Looking For Mr. Goodbrain, Part 1" Image Number: ZMB312a_0151.jpg -- Pictured: Rose McIver as Liv -- Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW -- © 2017 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Justin is concerned when Liv no-shows and pulls Major outside so they can chat in peace. Major reminds Justin not to worry, Liv does get caught up in her work. Now, the big surprise. A couple of Harley’s friends pry the lock off his freezer and pull his frozen body out to thaw. He wakes up and attacks them, but he can’t go on living as a brain eater. Harley straps a vest of explosive onto his body and sneaks into the Fillmore Graves merc party. He shouts his intention to kill all them zombies while standing about a foot away from Natalie, then he detonates himself, the house, and everyone in it. Sorry Major, this isn’t right.

They owe us big next week. For starters, where was Blaine this episode? We saw him make Mr. Boss an offer he couldn’t refuse but nothing since he saved Ravi and Don E. Next, it’s about time we wrap the Wally Reid murder. The case went cold after they eliminated the Johns boys as suspects. Then again, setting them up as patsies would take heavy organizational skills. Maybe, Mrs. Gold is involved? Finally, Zombie Island! They seeded it, watered it, and now they owe us.

Season 3, Episode 12 (S03E12)
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