iZOMBIE Review: “Looking for Mr. Goodbrain, Part 2”


iZOMBIE wraps season three with a disappointing “Looking for Mr. Goodbrain, Part 2.” I hate to say that, because I love this show, but the finale was talky and cheap. The biggest foul being, no Zombie Island payoff. It was replaced by a disappointing villain monologue. This is not okay, it’s on the same level as someone waking up and realizing they were dreaming. It is that shameful. However, last week’s episode was great so this little bump is forgiven.

“Looking for Mr. Goodbrain, Part 1” ended with a devastating explosion that killed Natalie and Major’s entire squad. Nice guy Justin asks Liv where she was and she confesses her meaningless sex with Chase Graves. He takes the news hard and storms off in a huff. You would think Justin would be grateful Liv wasn’t there; they would have all been killed inside by the suicide bomber, Harley Johns. It’s like Justin’s been snacking on A-hole brain. Major returns to Fillmore Graves after losing Natalie and asks Chase to reinstate him. When Chase reminds him he won’t employ a human, Major agrees to take a zombie scratch. I wonder if there is a limit to how often he can go back and forth from one form to the other?


Blaine is back, but in a very small role and nothing plot related. Blaine a partnership with Chase to provide brains for all Fillmore Graves operations but Chase passes on the deal. To make matters worse, he makes “The Scratching Post” off limits to his troopers. Chase is a real mystery; good, or bad? Blaine leaves and gets worse news back at his office. His recent shipment of Russian brains was intercepted by the FBI and Tanner was arrested.

Clive updates Liv and Ravi about his visit to Patrice’s house and the revelation that Carey Gold is her mother. That connects her or Fillmore Graves to both Weckler, and Kupps investigations. Patrice says Chase sent her to Paris to pick up his dog. Ravi and Liv suspect Chase’s dog came back carrying Aleutian Flu. Any outbreak in a metropolitan area would leave thousands dead and Fillmore Graves could access all those fresh brains. Ravi updates the CDC team and they convince the Mayor he needs to set up immediate mass vaccination stations. Anchorman Johnny Frost makes the announcement on the nightly news.


Clive takes Liv to Chase’s mansion so she can test the dog for Aleutian Flu, but she falls in the pool and Chase finds her. This sequence is important for plot movement, but talky. Liv tells Chase they suspect him and Fillmore Graves of infecting the people of Seattle to supply an immediate surge of brains. Clive also suggests that Fillmore Graves set up Harley Johns for the murder of Wally Reid and Fred Tuttle. Chase is surprised to hear some of this, but he plays it cool until Liv and Clive leave. The next day, Chase calls Carey Gold to his office to discuss company plans.

This is another plot important but overly talky scene. Carey Gold thought Zombie Island was a terrible idea. Once all the zombies were in one place, anybody could attack and destroy them in one easy blow. It’s a legit concern but she led a quiet mutiny in Fillmore Graves. Fred Tuttle sent a warning e-mail to Chase which is why Gold had him and his family murdered. She also blew up Vivian Stoll. It is unclear why she killed the dominatrix Roxanne, it’s possible this is a hanging chad for season four. Chase calls security to escort Gold to a holding cell, but the team that arrives is on her side. Chase kills all of them just as Clive and Liv arrive. He explains Carey Gold was behind all the murders including Tuttle-Reid.


We cared about Natalie and Wally, but we never cared about Carey Gold. Even Harley Johns earned some emotional investment. Setting up Carey Gold as the greedo of death to several murders and having her go out without dilemma is weak and pointless. This was the weakest episode of the whole season, but there were some surprises to set up season four. Liv goes to the Gold house to find evidence that Patrice beat Kupps with a hockey stick in their drive way. Liv finds Patrice’s phone with texts describing a buffet of human brains supplied by the recently tricked CDC. Tatum finds Liv snooping around the kitchen and the two teens attack. Liv gives them an ass-kicking and escapes to warn Peyton and ask where they’re keep the Aleutian Flu vaccine.

The vaccine is stored and distributed from James (Scotty) Doohan Elementary School, “Home of the Explorers.” Fillmore Graves has taken over the operation and are infecting the Aleutian Flu vaccine with the zombie virus. It isn’t what Liv thought, there’s another twist for turning the whole city zombie and needing even more brains. Liv calls to warn Clive, he’s in line for his shot.


She calls in time to save him, but not agent Bozzio or Johnny Frost. Liv convinces Frost to make an on-air plea to the people of Seattle about the zombie outbreak. BTW, is there still an Aleutian Flu problem for those who didn’t get the tainted vaccine? Frost asks everyone to remain calm; the humans shouldn’t fear their zombie friends and family.

Chase Graves swoops into the news station control room with a pre-recorded video he wants broadcast. Chase explains to the people of Seattle and the rest of the country that they don’t intend to eat any involuntary human brains, only brains donated by terminal donors. On the other hand, he explains the zombie virus can also save people from terminal illness. Chase declares Seattle a zombie haven. Some people riot, others leave town, and some challenge armed Fillmore Graves troops in combat. Ravi manages to stew up a zombie vaccine and asks Liv to scratch him to see if it works. Ravi really found his hero trigger towards the end of this season. Maybe he’ll see Rachel again. This final act is all great set up for season four.

Season 3, Episode 13 (S03E13)
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  1. I disagree..this episode was one of the strongest of the season and we saw Carey all over the season..the actress was great in her finale scene by the way.

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