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iZOMBIE calls on the case of the dominatrix again in “Return of the Dead Guy.” This is a great case of smart story economics. Most shows have one recurring hook, like eating brains and getting flashes of memory. iZombie doubles that order with season three’s recurring background case, the murdered dominatrix, Roxanne. There’s also an emotional anchor case, the Reid family zombie-hate crime murder. We get updates on Wally’s case from time to time, but nothing like the movement on Roxanne’s murder.

Last week, we saw the return of Mr. Boss. He sneaks into his house, while his wife is on the phone complaining about his departure, and takes a hidden case of jewels, money, and passports. The ultimate go-bag. Unfortunately, greed isn’t Mr. Boss’s only sin, he stalks Blaine for revenge. Blaine opens the door to a sneak attack, Mr. Boss comes in guns and mouth blazing. He shoots and torments Blaine with his lame wrath monologue. Blaine surprises Mr. Boss when he doesn’t die, Boss knows nothing about zombies and he’s slow to learn.

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The brain suppliers from Bangladesh will only deal with Angus, and Blaine’s happy to keep him in the bottom of the well. Blaine offers Mr. Boss a partnership in brain distribution. The alternative is Blaine buries Boss alive. Meanwhile, he hasn’t heard from Don E. for a while.

The Johns brothers have Don E. chained up at the gun club under Ravi’s supervision and observation. Harley plans to starve Don E. and broadcast his transformation to viewers on the net, but Don E. is still high on WWII gunner’s brain. He’s gives a loud and patriotic resistance. Harley’s other brothers all want to torture Don E. with their tazer prods. Harley says they can light up the zombie when they reach 100K viewers. Guess Games of Thrones is between seasons.

iZombie -- "Return Of The Dead Guy" -- Image Number: ZMB310b_0015.jpg -- Pictured (L-R):Rahul Kohli as Ravi and Bryce Hodgson as Don E -- Photo: Robert Bettina Strauss/The CW -- © 2017 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Ravi needs that audience building time to figure out some sort of rescue plan. He starts by sedating Bo Johns and telling Don E. how much trouble he’s in. Don E. confesses he has a burner phone hidden in his sock with one number programmed into it, Blaine’s. Ravi can’t remember any useful numbers from his own contact list, so he calls Blaine, but the call goes to voicemail.

Liv spends more time with Justin and asks Peyton to give them any extra alone time she can spare at the apartment. Peyton offers a trade, Weckler’s blue-soaked brain is primed for a zombie investigator to pick at; she wants help with the case. Liv accepts the deal, makes a plate of blue brains and eggs, and starts getting those intense flashes. There is a fun, but gratuitous sequence where Liv has Peyton dress as a kitten dominatrix. This isn’t quite consistent with the episode where the prison psychologist explained that Weckler wouldn’t be interested in dominatrix play. At first Liv has a flash memory of Weckler killing Roxanne after she discovers him stealing the memory chip from her camera.


This isn’t the news Peyton wanted to hear, but there’s more. Liv also flashes on a phone call Weckler had with his daughter Tatum. Tatum asks her father, “Did they make you do it?” Liv is also tormented by Drake’s ghost. Add it up, the ghost of an undead ex-boyfriend. Liv realizes the apparition is driven by guilt. She put a bullet in Drake’s head, and she’s trying to move on with Justin. For a zombie, she has a full deck of human emotions.

Liv and Peyton visit Tatum at a friend’s house where she treats them strange, like she’s afraid to talk while people are watching. Peyton tells Tatum she knows her father was murdered in jail and then set up to look like suicide, she has a witness. Liv asks which “they” Tatum was referring to. Tatum says she meant the voices in her father’s head. She says it, but it isn’t a very convincing answer. After Liv and Peyton leave we see Tatum and her friend sucking on brain-goo tubes like the ones the Filmore Graves zombies eat.

Meanwhile, Blaine catches up on his voicemail and asks Liv if she wants to go kick some ass to liberate Ravi and Don E. As the viewer hits reach 100K, Harley and his brothers get all hyped up to shock zombie Don E., but Ravi and his new friend, Rachel try to stop them. Harley pulls a gun on Ravi and gives him a countdown to keep his life, but Ravi stays strong, he refuses to let them hurt Don E. Of course, we must wait for next week to see how this ends for Ravi.


Ravi is in a tough spot for a couple of reasons. Yes, he’s trying to save Don E., but he’s also trying to keep the zombie outbreak a secret. I find it difficult to believe that Chase Graves and his merc zombies didn’t find this live feed and plan aggressive action against the Johns brothers.

Both Weckler and Reid murder cases are still in play. Our only real new information is that Weckler’s daughter is a zombie, maybe under the protection of Filmore Graves. That would be an interesting wrinkle. Also, Major and his new friend Shawna enjoy each other in the best way. I still think there is something hinky about this woman, she claims she attended the same childhood summer camp as Major. What?

Season 3, Episode 10 (S03E10)
iZombie airs Tuesdays at 9PM on The CW

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