“Jane Got A Gun” Takes Aim At Bradley Cooper


By: James Silverwolfe

Because this isn’t a perfect world and because you deserve it, has stepped in to play the bad guy role in , which follows Jane who must defend her home with an ex-lover when her husband’s gang returns to kill her wounded husband.

The role was once set for Joel Edgerton, but after Michael Fassbender left he switched sides and took the good guy (and frankly more substantial) role. Enter Jude Law! leaves (or was forced to leave, take your poison). Goodbye Jude Law! NOW Cooper has stepped in to replace Law, and the world dies a little more inside.

Producing will be Natalie Portman, Terry Dougas, Chris Coen, Scott Steindorff and Peter Nathanial.

Cooper (who must think he’s hotter than hot right now) last starred in “Silver Linings Playbook” and now “The Place Beyond The Pines”, but really his roles can be categorized as ‘confident douchebag’. Except for “Wet Hot American Summer”. Up next for him is “The Hangover Part III”.

He is repped by .



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