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My ultimate dream for Jane and Rafael may come true on .  They might end up together!  And it may happen sooner than the 55th season.  It is kind of messed up that Michael had to literally die in order for Jane to recall that she, indeed, used to love Rafael.  But hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.

Jane is writing a book inspired by her real life.  The protagonist is Josephine.  Her love is Martin.  And the other guy has a name that starts with R.  You get it.  Josephine = Jane.  Martin = Michael.  And R = Rafael. What makes me know that Michael’s death was way more than just a story arc is that his name in this book is Martin.  I know I’ve railed-on Michael many times because of how incompatible he was with Jane, but clearly, some are not done with him.  Martin is a cornball’s name.  Whatever the “R” name was for Rafael, I’m sure, it was cooler than “Martin”.  So, even in death, the writer’s room got jokes.


But I digress.

While brainstorming a bit more about the story, Jane tells her editor that Josephine loved R.  He’s taken aback because that’s not what he feels when he reads it.  He encourages Jane to express Josephine’s love for R by declaring it in the book.  It brings Jane to an uncomfortable place.  She tells Abuela that if she writes about Josephine’s old love for R, then she, Jane, is disrespecting her late husband.  Abuela, the quintessential yoda, explains that Jane’s love for Rafael led her to choose Michael and love him deeper.  Wow!  Deep, Abuela, pero lo siento.  No es la verdad.

I am of the high mind that Jane, in her heart of hearts, felt like she owed Michael something.  Yes, marriage.  Jane was willing to be with that man for the rest of her life to make up for her getting pregnant (by mistake); having another man’s baby; putting him on the backburner for a whole ‘nother man; and being complicit in him hanging around until she came around.  Whew!  That is a lot for one man to go through.  So, I get why she felt like she owed him, but as karma would have it, she’s free now to do what she wants – to be with Rafael.

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If Jane is really honest with herself about loving Rafael, then she will have to go through one woman to get him – Abbey.

Abbey is Rafael’s girlfriend.  She’s finally given some screen-time in this episode, and she seems like such a sweetie pie.  Not sure what kind of sweet woman is able to deal with a man’s three kids and two baby mamas, but you, do you boo!  Then again, this is Rafael we are talking about, so I would be Abbey, too. Respect.

Abbey is still a mystery.  I’m not sure where she came from or how she and Rafael met.  She’s just a really cute girl that seems to really like him.  She’s thrown out the idea of moving in with Rafael, but he doesn’t seem so eager to do so.  Abbey overhears a drunk Petra telling him that he should tell he doesn’t want to move in when, in fact, he’s planning on telling her that he does.  I wonder whether Abbey will take Petra’s words as fact and just disappear.  This doesn’t sound irrational.  She came out of nowhere, so she might as well return from nowhere.

Xiomara’s reputation is in need of repair.  She is the Omarosa of “The De La Vega Factor Factor”. Unfortunately, people have assaulted her on the street, and she blames Rogelio.  Rightly, so!  He is responsible for creating an evil character arc on that show.  Although he has apologized, Xo is still damaged from it.  Hopefully, she is able to redeem herself on future episodes.  Poor Xo.  She really doesn’t deserve that.

I also hope Xo emerges from her cocoon of feelings for Rogelio.  That woman loves that man.  Xiomara is the queen of knowing how to hide her feelings, no wonder Jane is hiding hers for Rafael.

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continues to wow.  How many times can I say I love this show?  I love this show. I love this show.  I love this show.  I love this show.  OK, I will stop.  Until next week!

Season 3, Episode 13 (S03E13)
Jane the Virgin airs Monday at 9PM on CW

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