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is now Jane the Widow.  I understand that she has to mourn the loss of her husband according to her own timeline, but I am kind of over it (does this make me an asshole?).  Brett Dier no longer plays a character on that show, and it’s been 3 years.  (Twiddles thumbs).  When will Jane just move on?  Of course, this is really all about me.  I want to move on.  I’d like to get things reignited for Jane (Gina Rodriguez) and Rafael (Justin Baldoni).  Hints of that are sprinkled in Monday night’s episode, which makes me so happy.  Let’s start with a few of those moments.

Momento Numero Uno: Rafael uses a cute cookie monster-ish voice to get her thinking about returning to the Marbella to work as restaurant manager since she quit her publishing gig.  Jane laughs coquettishly and agrees.

Momento Numero Dos: Jane gets through her first day at The Marbella.  Rafael shares a cute chest and butt popping dance with her to celebrate.

Momento Numero Tres: Just the way they look at each other sometimes.  Ahhh…


Moments like these make me think the show is going in this direction, but like any good soap opera, the people who are meant to be together usually get together after 100 years, so I may have to put my feelings for these two on the backburner until season 55.

Petra (Yael Grobglas) is not one to put anything on the backburner.  She wants to figure out what happened to Scott (Wes Armstrong).  She finally has an aha! moment when Rafael records the twins doing mundane things.  Petra reviews hours of tapes at the Marbella to find out how Scott’s body ended up on the hotel’s property.  The only clue she has so far is that he was last seen at Rogelio’s birthday party with a drink in his hand.  Did someone spike it? Poison it?  Was he just drunk and stumbled to death?  <—-doesn’t even make sense, but it’s a theory. TBH, I don’t really care what happened to that man.  Where is Aneska???  Her boo thing has died, and she is nowhere to be found.  Did she have something to do with it?  Maybe she and Petra are two of the same coin: The Double-mint Evil Twins.

Jane has a bit of a bone to pick with Michael’s ex-partner, Dennis (Christopher Allen).  Dennis called himself trying to get more info about the Sin Nostro case by helping Jane sort through some of Michael’s things shortly after his burial.  Jane catches him taking photos of so-called evidence, and she kicks him out the house.  Every time she sees him, her reflexes go into a tizzy and she slaps him.

Dennis must have been slapped at least 3 times.  What cracks me up about this is that she’s saying that these are involuntary.  No, woman, you’ve been wanting to slap that man for 3 years, and now, you got your chance.  By the way, there’s something kind of cute about Dennis.  This may be the first time I’ve seen him with any real screen time, so kudos to whoever casted him!  I hope I see more of his backstory. Could he be a new paramour for Jane? Or does he have something to do with the Sin Nostro drama?

Drama, drama, drama is all that happens on the “De La Vega Factor Factor”.  Rogelio (Jaime Camil) and Darci (Justina Machado) can’t stand each other, but they have to act like they’re one big happy couple for the sake of this show.  In reality, he is upset about how she leaked a tape of him OK’ing Xo (Andrea Navedo) being made into the show’s villain.  Keep in mind that he was reluctant about it.  He only OK’ed it for ratings and he was upset with Xo at the time.  Rather, he was jealous about her relationship with Bruce (Ricardo Chavira).

See, this is the thing that makes me love Rogelio.  Yes, he’s arrogant.  And ridiculous.  And a drama king. But at the center of it all, he has such a warm heart.  And cute dewy eyes.  How can you stay mad at him?  Well, Xo can.  He apologizes to her and abruptly leaves.  See: drama king. Xo will probably forgive him, but for the moment, he will stay in his feelings for a bit.


Oh! Before I forget.  Rafael has a new girlfriend!  I forgot about her because the show tends to forget about her.  Her name is Abbey (Minka Kelly), and she’s just so boring.  I need to stop writing before I go on and on bout how Rafael and Jane belong together…again…

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