JANE THE VIRGIN Review: “Chapter Seventy-Five”


Life is funny.

We are taught to dream one dream. We write about it. We write hearts around it. When people asked us what we wanted to be when we grew up, we would repeat the dream over and over through middle school, high school and college. And when we accomplish it as adults, we’re like, “What’s next?”

For Jane and her mother, Xo, they have accomplished their dreams, and now they have no idea where to go from there. And who can blame them? This happens to us all. Jane has dreamt about becoming a published author since she was a teeny-weeny thing. And now that she is, she has no idea what to do after. The problem she faces is that she assumed that becoming a published author would guarantee her success. In her mind, being a published author meant becoming a best-selling author. Eek! What a lesson to learn.

She has found out that published authors are a dime a dozen, and becoming a best-selling author is a lot harder than she imagined. But instead of her evolving the definition of her childhood dream, she gets flustered and attempts to try another path – teaching.

We’ve all heard the saying: “Those who can’t do, teach.” Well, luckily, Jane didn’t get the teaching because she is actually a talented writer. It’s just that she had a hiccup. And she didn’t get the because she’s also good at something else- poking her nose into other people’s business.

Jane was being considered for a teaching at her alma mater, and an old teaching bae crush happened to still be working there. They were both hot and heavy (PG-style, of course) until they weren’t. Jane thought that she was the only one he canoodled with, but she finds out that he had a pattern. So, she attempts to “warn” another student about teaching bae’s pattern, and the girl seems to
receive it well, but I have to say – Jane should have stayed in her lane.

Yes, #MeToo is a real thing, and there are people using their professional positions to weigh things over subordinates, BUT I don’t think that was the case here. Teaching bae just wanted to get it on with his students, and according to policy, there was nothing prohibiting it. Jane herself admitted that she pursued teaching bae, and that could have been the case with this new girl as well. As I’ve already said, I’m glad Jane did not get the position, but that woman really needs to learn how to mind her business sometimes. Geesh.

As for Xo, she is figuring it all out after 40. And I can’t imagine how hard that is, especially because we have all been trained to believe that you can’t start over after a certain age.

Xo is faced with the humiliation of it all when she sits in a college course. She sits in the back, and when she is called on to give an answer to the professor’s question, she gets supremely embarrassed. She is in a sea of younger people, and not only that, she isn’t even older with knowledge. She knows less than
they do. And this combo is what makes her ashamed. She attempts to get Rogelio to inspire her, but he is so involved with getting his cousin and actress Eva Longoria to be his romantic co-star in his new show (yes, you read that right. Eva is his cousin, and he doesn’t mind smooching on her for ratings). Because Rogelio is so involved with that, Xo is kind of left emotionally abandoned. She yells at him and storms off to go teach a dance class, something that she is so overdoing, hence trying to change paths.

Changing paths is so interesting because no one ever tells you that you might have to do that one day. We’re all taught that we will do one thing and one thing only. I think it’s because changing paths
is a relatively new thing. “Back in the day,” people really did stick with one thing. They did it for 50+ years, and then they retired. But in an age where, especially millennials, have no company loyalty, switching and jobs upwards of four times, we need to be taught how to switch gears when we need to. AND we need to be taught, and our children need to be taught, that switching professional gears is OK. I personally believe that we aren’t meant to do one thing for the rest of our lives. We are living, breathing human beings who evolve every five to ten years. I mean, we are not robots!

Speaking of robots –Jane and Rafael are acting like a pair of robots in front of everyone. They are secretly dating, but everyone really knows they’re dating. They plan on telling the family in the next episode, but the teaser trailer reminds us that you can’t get anything over on family, especially Abuela.
Come on, Jane and Raf. Really?


Season 4, Episode 11 (S04E11)
Jane the Virgin airs Monday at 9PM on CW

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